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LOT: 009

Knesset HaGedolah Choshen Mishpat—Furth 1692—with many notes and signatures.

By Rabbi Haim Benvenisti—second edition of this section. No cover. 2-196 pages. Stains and signs of use. Generally good condition. Various signatures of ownership and notes, not thoroughly checked, partially reproduced here. First page has the stamp of “Haim Gold, aka Gorlitzer, here in Krakow [a dayan in Krakow]” with an additional faded signature of “Shlomo Katz…”. Second page has signature of ownership of “Shimon Betzalel Naiman” [equated with the signature of Rabbi Shimon Betzalel Naiman of Tarnov (1860-1942), son of Rabbi Meir Zvi—the Yalkut HaRo’im, who grew up with his grandfather Rabbi Yisrael Naiman of Krakow and perished in the Shoah]. Listings of ownership and other notes on the back of the binding, blank front page, and last page; we identified: “Natan Neta bar Yitzhak Isaac” [probably Rabbi Natan Neta Landau of Ushpizin, who served as the Rabbi of Berdiyov, son of Rabbi Yitzhak Isaac of Dokla] and other notes from members of the Landau of Dokla family and the Katz family. Additionally: “Zvi Hirsch Ivshitz ben Rav Yonatan of Krakow” [probably the grandson of the brother of Rabbi Yonatan Ivshitz]. And more.
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