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LOT: 016

Kol Bo—Venice, 1567.

Halachot and minhagim from the Rishonim. By one of the great rishonim, printed by Georgi di Kabali. A foundational book of halacha, widely accepted among Jews. Deals with brachot, prayers, minhageishabbatot and holidays, marriage, funding, food, and mourning. Includes one of the earliest exegeses on the Pesach Haggadah. The book is attributed to the Rivash, but the Hida rejects this possibility. There are those who say that Rabbi AharonHaKohen of Lunil wrote it, and in the book KorehHaDorot he writes that there are those who say a learned woman wrote it. | Listings and signatures of ownership, among them an ancient Mizrahi handwriting. | Moth damage, binding and page 4 are missing. Generally ok condition.
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