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LOT: 023

Sefer Yesod: Seder Rav Amram Gaon, two sections. First edition, Warsaw 1865.

“Including the Seder Nusach Tefillot for the whole year as set by the Gaon Rabbi Amram and repeated by the early sages Rashi and the Tosafot…”. Separate title page for each section. [3], 55, [1], 59 leaves. Missing one page at the end from the printer’s words. Stefanski Sifrei Yesod 221. Endorsement of the Geonim Rabbi Dov Berish Meislish of Warsaw, Rabbi Avraham Ferrara of Hevron, and sages from among the Sefardi and Ashkenazi rabbis of Jerusalem. New binding, light stains, overall very good condition. Stamp on the title page: “Shimon Doran.” Additional note in a European language.
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