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LOT: 034

Sefer Yesod: Kresi u’Plesi—first edition, Altona 1763, copy owned by the Av Beit Din of Khalisa.

Kresi u’Plesi, a huge work of pilpul on the Shulchan Aruch Yoreh De’ah by the Gaon Av Beit Din Rabbi Yehonatan Ivshitz. First edition. [3], 34 [supposed to be 35] 165 leaves in the original. This copy is missing 2 pages from the beginning of the work. Stefanski Sifrei Yesod 177. Tape on the title page, stains, light tears, old binding with leather spine and corners, overall good condition. Blank first page has a stamp testifying that this copy was from the estate of the Gaon Rabbi Yaakov Ben Zion Rotner, known late in life by the title “Ga’avad Khalisa”, after the camp next to the Haifa Port, after he was rabbi of the Cyprus Detention Camps, where he worked for prisoners. He was a huge talmid chacham, close to the Admorim of Belz and the Mekor Baruch of Seret-Vizhnitz. He died in 1992 and was buried on the Mt. of Olives. Additional notes, one dated 1950.
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