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Yosifon (Yiddish), “translated into the language of Ashkenaz”—Furth 1767.

First section, “KeterKehuna,” and the second section titled “She’eritYisrael,” printed by Haim the Printer in Furth. First section has wood-engraved illustrations. Separate cover for the second section, with endorsements of Rabbi Netanel Weil—the Korban Netanel—and Rabbi Yosef Steinhart—Rav and Av Beit Din of Furth. This book is very rare because of its literary style and writing in Yiddish in order to suit it to the language of Jewish women and youth, like “Tze’inav’Re’ina” whose copies became so worn from such wide use. The copy before us is quite complete, except for a few tears with missing bits of text on the last pages, and moth damage on the book’s first pages. Original binding, worn and defective. 163, 2, 101 pages. Generally ok to good condition.
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