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Taharat HaKodesh, copy of Rabbi Haim Kitze, Av Beit Din of Orsha. Lemberg 1792.

On masechet Zevachim by Rabbi Yitzhak Ashkenazi, first edition. On the cover is the handwritten signature of the Gaon Rabbi Haim Kitze, Av Beit Din and Ram in Orsha. “This book belongs to me, Haim Kitze.” On the dedication page are additional listings handwritten from the period, some testify to ownership of the book by the Gaon Rabbi Haim Kitze. One is in his son’s handwriting. Additional note handwritten and signed by Rabbi Yitzhak Zvi Weiss. Stamp of Rabbi Yehezkel Shraga HaLevi Jungreis, hy”d, Av Beit Din of Satmar (before he served as dayan in Beferies-Presov). On the next page is another listing by Haim Kitze, at the end are more lists handwritten by him. Rabbi Haim Kitze (1770-1850), Av Beit Din of Orsha (in Hungary), called the Otzar Haim, was the only son of the Gaon Rabbi Yitzhak (Schlesinger) Kitze, Av Beit Din of Old-Oven, from whom he received most of his philosophy. Studied with the Gaon Maharam Mintz, Av Beit Din of Old-Oven. Accepted to the dayanut of the Wesprim community (Austro-Hungary), from which he moved on to serve in 1820 in the rabbinate of Orsha, in the place of his brother-in-law the Gaon Rabbi Amram Chasida (Rosenbaum), Av Beit Din of Orsha, who moved to Israel and died young. Corresponded with geonim of his generation, among them the Nodah Bi Yehuda. Wrote more than 60 books on the Shas, on halacha, and the Aggadah, Q&A, chiddushim on the order of parshiyot, and more. [4], 90; 54 [supposed to be 56], [1] page. 35cm. New binding, very good condition.
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