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“Havat Yerushalayim” Jerusalem Israel 1844. Rare book. With signature of HaRav Sha’ul Katzin, one of the great sages of Aleppo.

Description of the Land of Israel and its glory, the compiler is HaRav Haim Horwitz, who immigrated to Israel in 1817 and succeeded in touring all over Israel—his lists and knowledge are compiled in this book. Printed by Yisrael Bak, (2) 60 page. 20cm. A number of imitations of this book were printed in different places, before us is the original edition from Jerusalem. (Re’eh S. HaLevi 23). One of the rare books of Jerusalem. On the title page is the signature of the “Young Shaul Katzin Sat”: 1864-1917. A Kabbalist, Sage of the Kabbalist yeshiva “Beit El” and “Rehovot HaNahar.” At the initiative of the Kabbalist HaRav Haim Shaul Davik HaKohen (HaSadeh), he moved to Hevron when he was 27 and received the Torah from the mouth of the Gaon and Kabbalist HaRav Eliyahu Mani for three years, he exuded Torah and Awe of God with his drashot during the week and on shabbos and carried on the holy war against loopholes in halacha. Compiled the book “Klilat Sha’ul,” questions and answers, emendations and commentaries on the ‘Secret Way.’ Excellent condition, new binding, rare.
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