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LOT: 100

Sefer HaTanya with a dollar given by the Rebbe on the 19th of Kislev, 1990 (for his 40th anniversary of Admorut)

Likkutei Amarim Tanya, printed in New York in Kislev 1990 to celebrate the 192nd year of Chag HaGeulah (liberation of the Baal HaTanya) and 40th anniversary of the reign of the 7th Rebbe. He gave out the Tanya himself—the last time the Rebbe gave an edition of the Tanya—and there is a handwritten note on the back of the title page regarding the receipt of this volume from the Rebbe. Soft binding, overall very good condition. Attached to the book is a dollar received from the Rebbe at the same time, with a note written in pen: “19th Kislev 1990.” The handing out of the Tanya on 19th of Kislev 1990 (based on descriptions written at the time): “In the afternoon, word spread that the Rebbe would distribute a Tanya to everyone. At 17:45 the Rebbe returned from prayer at the Ohel of the Rayatz for minchah and maariv to which a large number of people had come. Around 18:15 the division began—the Rebbe stood at his shtender and gave out the Tanya with a dollar bill for charity. To some who asked for another Tanya for someone else, the Rebbe refused, saying that this distribution is only for those who are here. At the end of the distribution, he took one Tanya and placed it under his siddur. The distribution lasted about four consecutive hours until about 22:10. On the shabbat after, Parshat Vayeshev, 21 Kislev, the Rebbe entered the gathering with the Book of the Tanya which was distributed in the 19th Kislev, and was lying on the table for the entire time of the gathering. At the time of the gathering, the Rebbe said that this year marks the 192nd anniversary of the redemption of the 19th of Kislev (1799-1990), and that the letters KTZB (the gematriya of the year) indicate a number of things: A. The work of gathering the sparks has already been completed. B. The time “allotted” is already over of the “the scattering of the springs”, and that the time is come for the fulfillment of the guarantee of the coming of the “Malka Meshicha.”
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