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SeferHaMefo’ar—drashot by Rabbi ShlomoMolcho—Amsterdam 1709.

Droshim and kavanot on the kabbalah, wonderful secrets and issues relating to the Redemption and the Messiah. By the holy Rabbi ShlomoMolcho (c. 1500-1532), a kabbalist who spoke in public about the Redemption of Israel, and who was executed by the Inquisition. Rabbi Hayyim Vittel speaks about him in his book Sha’areiKedusha that he dealt with practical kabbalah. The first word in his book is given within a bouquet of flowers, above which are to cherubs holding a crown. Signature of ownership on page 1c. Cover page and 2nd page were professionally repaired. New binding. 26 pages. 21cm. Generally good to very good condition.
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