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LOT: 019

Sefer HaHayyim and Sefer Ta’alumot Chochma—Lviv 1804 | With Efer Yaakov—Breslau 1839, complete, nice copy.

1. Sefer HaHayyim by Rabbi Haim ben Rabbi Betzalel, brother of the Maharal, with endorsement and introduction by Rabbi Avraham Yehuda Heschel of Aphtha, who wrote “every person who joys in life will choose this holy book…and Hashem will write and sign us in the Book of Life” Lviv 1804 [probably actually 1830]. 1, 30, 3 pages. 2. Ta’alumot Chochmah, Ecclesiastes with the commentary of Rabbi Yaakov of Lisa (the Netivot)—first edition, Lviv 1804 [probably 1830]. 1, 15 pages. 3. Efer Yaakov “including a debate between two brothers, the Nefesh and the Neshama, to love Hashem and stick to his pure mitzvot” by Rabbi Yaakov Eichhoren [a sage of Krakow, son-in-law of Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Rozes, who was the tokea for the Ba’al Shem Tov. Moved to Tzfat, returned to Krakow, and served there as a rabbi. With an endorsement by Rabbi Yisrael of Shklov and other Tzfat rabbis. In the book (pages 30-31 in the section 2) is a responsa from Rabbi Avraham Dov of Ovritz, the Bat Ayin of Tzfat. An especially important and rare book—first edition Breslau 1830. 2, 43, 34 pages. Three complete books in beautiful condition. Simple binding, defective, many signatures of ownership that were not examined.
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