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Sefer Hagilgulim by Rabbi Chaim Vital – Zolkiew, 1772, bound with Sha’arei Orah, Zolkiew 1782

Sefer Hagilgulim by “the great rabbi Rabbi Chaim Vital who learned from the great genius, the Godly light Rabbi Yitzchak Luria, who learned face to face with Elijah the Prophet who constantly revealed himself to him when he was awake” Zolkiew, 1772. Without page numbers. Restored title page, damage to text and restorations on the first leaves. Bound with the book Sha’ar Orah “that was written by the great sage and kabbalist Rabbi Yosef son of Jiktilia.” Zolkiew, 1782. [2], 70 leaves. Many stains, a few worming holes, at the end there are slight tears at the page edges, mainly without damage to the text. Rebound, good overall condition.
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