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The book Divrei Shalom [Koidanov] – Chassidut, first edition, Vilna 1882

The book Divrei Shalom, on Torah and service of G-d, “based on the foundations of the Ari and the Ba’al Shem Tov…” in the approach of kabbalah and Chassidut by the Rebbe Rabbi Shalom of Koidanov. Printed in the author’s lifetime, first edition, Vilna, 1882. [3], 6-66 leaves. Rebound. Few worming holes. Slight stains. Very good general condition. Rabbi Shalom Perlow of Bruhin-Koidanov (1851-1926), brother of Rabbi Aharon and son-in-law of Rabbi Yosef of Brezno. Rabbi Shalom did not serve as a Rebbe, but became famous regardless due to his great influence. He served as a rabbi in Brezno and in Bruhin, and wrote many books on different areas of the Torah: Divrei Shalom, Mishmeret Shalom, Ateret Shalom, Dover Shalom, Midrash Pinchas Hachadash and Shem Aharon. The book Mishmeret Shalom is a book of halacha on the Shulchan Aruch. In this book the author brought sources and proofs for customs of the rebbes and their followers. So for example, in section 2 of the Orach Chaim section he discusses the custom to immerse in the ritual bath before praying in the morning. His sons-in-law are Rabbi Yissachar Leib Weinberg of Slonim and Rabbi Yosef Pitznik of Sarni.
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