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LOT: 043

Birkei Yosef by HaHida. Special edition. Vienna 1859.

On the four sections of the Shulchan Aruch, 4 sections with separate covers for each. The first cover has red ink and reliefs from the Livorno printer. Bound together with the book ShiureiBracha. On the cover and first page of the introduction and at the end of the book are stamps of Rabbi Shalom ben Zecharya Nagar. HaHida published his book Birkei Yosef and then ShiureiBracha as an addition to the book, and here for the first time the latter was printed in an integrated fashion together with each siman of Birkei Yosef, and this edition also printed for the first time ShiureiBracha on the YorehDe’ah (Friedberg 1579). This book is a foundational work of halacha. Printer: de la Tora. 4, 130 [supposed to be 136]; 94; 1, 25, [1] pages. 33cm. Generally good condition.
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