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Sefer Beit Rebbe, biographies of the Chabad Rebbes—first edition, Berdichev, 1902.

Written by Haim Meir ben Avraham Shmuel Hillman. A biography of the first three Chabad Rebbes, divided into three sections with a separate section (each bearing a title page) for each of the rabbis. At the beginning of the book is a general title page. [2] 16 pages, 90, 18, 22 leaves. Two title pages, with an additional title page for each section, no binding, a group of pages is detached, a few moth holes, stains, overall good condition. The book constitutes the basis (the oldest source) of much of Chabad history and Jewish history of the period, and has been published in many editions. In one of the later editions, the last Chabad Rebbe (Menachem Mendel Schneerson) added marginal notes. Over the years a great deal of controversy has arisen regarding the truth of many of the stories in the book, but the Chabad researcher and historian Rabbi Yehoshua Munschein certifies its veracity in a detailed article on the subject.
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