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“The House of the Levites” on the Torah, Warsaw 1884, first edition, with signature of the Rabbi Yosef Avraham Tzinawitz Av Beit Din Lamzha

“The House of the Levites,” in 2 sections (separate title pages), explanations and ideas on the Torah, by Rabbi Yosef Dover HaLevi. Warsaw, 1884, first edition. On the title page is the signature and seal of ownership of Rabbi Yosef Avraham Tzinawitz—the head of the religious court of Lamzha, compiler of the Book of “Salsalot” (Baskets) of Yosef and printed in 1937. In this book is a halakhic negotiation amongst the leaders of the generation like the Rabbi Haim Ozer Grodzinski, HaOr Same’ach, Ha’Rogochover and more greats of the world. Good condition, without binding.
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