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LOT: 037

“Alon Bachot,” commentary on Eicha from the Rabach, Venice 1712, first edition, very rare.

Long exegesis on the Megilla of Eicha, by the Kabbalist HaRav Binyamin HaCohen (the Rabach). 92 page, 20cm. the Rav Binyamin HaCohen, student of the Rav Moshe Zechut (the Ramaz), the Av Beit Din of Reggio, compiler of the book “Gvul Binyamin,” drashot on Kabbala, HaHida writes of him in his book “Shem HaGedolim” that he was famous in chassidut and that he that he has answers written in the book “Meset Moshe” and “Shemesh Tzedaka,” his son-in-laws were the greats of their generation, the Maharar Yeshaya Bassan and Menashe Padova, the Mahari Irgaz, who sat with him for 7 weeks to learn from him the wisdom of Kabbalah. Good condition, stains (old parchment binding—maybe original).
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