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Orech Mishor—first edition, Berlin 1723, from the Chochmei Lublin yeshiva library with old handwritten notes

Chiddushim on masechet nazir, by Rabbi Yochanan Kremnitzer, who awoke to write this essay because he saw that there were almost no books written on Masechet Nazir and it hardly ever went through glosses. His book has been reprinted several times as a book in its own right and since then has been printed in the Vilna Shas printed by the Ram widow and sons. First Edition Berlin 1936. Cover page and page after missing. 44, 8, 3-6 [pages 1-2 at the end are missing] pages. Moth damage and tears on some pages. Most pages are in good condition. Time stains. Adhesive. Ok - good condition. Inside the binding are old notes dating from the early 1840s, in our estimation, this is a writer of stature. Not investigated at all. There may be a connection to the author of the book. Ancient ownership inscription: ".... The publisher is exalted by Rabbi Moshe .... MK ..." Signatures of Rabbi Haim Schwartz, who donated the book to the Yeshiva scholars of Lublin.
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