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LOT: 011

Ohalei Yosef, Jerusalem, Bak printing, 1868—first edition. Rare.

Laws of kedushat Hashem, halachot tahara, tzedaka, and the vineyard. The book is constructed with the psakei halacha in the middle, to the side is Mar’ei Mekomot, the bottom has a comprehensive, wide exegesis. By the Gaon Rav eliyahu Yosef Rivlin. At the start of the book are endorsements of rabbis of Jerusalem, Rav Meir Auerbach and Rav Hai Yedidya Refael Abulafiya. At the end of the book is the recommendation of the printer, with the summary of the content of the book. Jerusalem, printed by Rav Yisrael Bak. (4) 68, 34 page. (S. HaLevi 138). Signature of ownership in Ashkenazi handwriting on the cover page—Aharon Yehoshua. Good condition, anterior binding is loose.
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