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“The Love of Virtue” (Ahavat Chesed) book, Amsterdam 1777. The only edition.

The book “Ahavat Chesed” Rabbi Natan with the body of the Masechet, by Rabbi Avraham Witmond, a student of the Rabbi Avraham Broda, on p. 1 the signature of Rabbi David Blach the son-in-law of the compiler and the one who published it, on the title page the signature of ownership of “Shalom Shachna ben Binyamin Ze’ev,” the son of the proofreader Rabbi Binyamin Ze’ev who is listed in the title page and introduction. Amsterdam 1777. The only printing, with documentation by the rabbis of Amsterdam, (4) 43 pages. (Winograd 2062), stains and unbound pages, old binding.
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