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LOT: 026

Igrot HaRamaz,” Livorno 1780. Only edition. Rare.

Topics relating to Kabbalah on halachot and traditions on a few issues, ‘Elef Alfin’ a request from the thousand words that begin with the letter alef, with exegesis, by the Rav Kabbalist Rabbi Moshe Zchut. 52 pages. Only edition (Friedberg 441). Gaon HaRav Moshe Zchut, compiler of the book of origins of the Holy Names, Kol HaRamaz on the Mishnah, and more, HaHida in his book “Shem HaGdolim” writes of him that “his intelligence and his holiness are known throughout the land,” one of his students was Rav Binyamin HaCohen (HaRabach), Rav Avraham Revigo, and more. New binding, defect on the title page and moth damage on a number of pages without damage to the text.
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