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LOT: 034

Lot of two miniature sets of the Prophets and Writings, and the Five Books of Torah. 19th century.

1. Kitvei Kodesh 24, a set of Prophets and Writings, with Targum, Rashi’s commentary, and Metzudot. 9 volumes (of 10). Argelbrand printing. Warsaw 1877. Cardboard binding with leather covering, with golden engravings of the name and number of the volume, initials of the owner, and year the book was received. 12cm, generally good to very good condition. 2. Five Books of Torah with Targum, Rashi’s commentary, Rashbam, the Ba’al HaTurim, and Sfatei Khachamim. 5 volumes. At the end of each volume are the prayers for Shabbat. Each volume has two covers. Monk printing. Warsaw 1889. [Censor’s stamp from 1888]. Leather binding with golden engraving. 8cm. Generally good to very good condition.
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