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LOT: 018

Set of Chemdat Yamim, Venice 1763.

Complete set of the known polemical book, Chemdat Yamim. The identity of the composer is in doubt. Four volumes. Section 1 for Shabbat Kadosh, 109 4. Section 2 for Rosh Chodesh, 128, [1]. Section 3 for Mo’adei Hashem, 96 [120 97] 4. Section 4 for Elul and High Holidays. 103 4 a number of glosses in Sefardi handwriting at the end of the book. 27cm. Signature of ownership of Avraham Yosef Yehoshua Hillel Puah. Seems to be from the family of the famous printers. Not bound, moth damage, awful condition, 27cm.
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