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LOT: 117

Sidrei Taharot with a map and stamp of the author, Rabbi Gershon Hanoch Leiner of Radzin (the ba’al HaTekhelet). First edition. Jozefof, 1873. Pretty copy, rare

Gathering from all sources in the Talmud Bavli/Yerushalmi, Tosefta and Midrashim on purity. A kind of masechet on purity matters. At the end of the book is a map of the tribal division with the author's stamp on the map. The book bears the endorsement of Rabbi Yosef Shaul Halevi Natanzon (the Shoel u’Meishiv), Rabbi Avraham Ashkenazi, Rabbi Shimon Sofer Av Beit Din of Krakow Son of the Chatam Sofer, the Gaon of Kutna, Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Orinstein Av Beit Din of Brisk, Rabbi Chaim Elazar Wax Hus Nefesh Chaya, Rabbi Chaim Berlin, Rabbi Yitzchak Elchanan Spector, Rabbi Yermia Lev, Rabbi Chaim Sofer, the Machaneh Chaim, and the consent of his father Rabbi Yaakov Leiner of Izbitza the second Rebbe of Izbitsa Chassidus. The post-cover page contains a question brought by the Shoel u’Meishiv and the excuse that the author replied with. And it is said that when Rabbi Gershon entered the home of the Shoel u’Meishiv, the rabbi dealt with one harsh concern, and here the young rabbi sought the permission of the speaker and quickly excused the acute kusha. The gaon admired him and asked him where he was from. From Poland, he replied. A devotee asked the genius, indeed, the rabbi replied. The gaon cried with admiration, King David already said: "She delivered a final adherent", also a devotee knows Megamar (study) and gave him consent to tell. After the book was printed, the rabbis said that the book was written like a regular tract and in the end would confuse. So in the second part (printed in Pietrekov 1903) the top of each page bears the title in order to distinguish the other tractates. Rabbi Gershon Hanoch Henich Liner of Radzin (1839 - 1891) - was the third Admor of the Izbica Radzyn Hasidic dynasty, and renewed the tekhelet tradition. He was a pupil of his grandfather Rabbi Mordechai Liner, the Mei Mishloach. He authored many books, including Sod Yesharim, Sidrei Taharot, Tiferet HaChanochi, Ptil Tekhelet and more. With the map at the end of the book includes a personal stamp of the author. 5, 272, [1] pages.. Stefanski Chassidut 434. Stains and slight wet marks. Very good overall condition.
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