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LOT: 037

Nahalat Shimoni, only edition. Wanzeebeck, 1728. With signature of Rabbi Yitzhak Grishaber, Av Beit Din of Paks.

Two sections bound together. The first is on the names mentioned in the Torah, Prophets, and Writings. The second section is on the names of the Tanna’im, organized alphabetically, and where they are mentioned in the Talmud. By Rabbi Shimon bar Yehuda Leib Feizer of Lisa. Printed by Yisrael bar Avraham. At the top of the cover is a listing and signature: “Itzak Grishaber.” An additional listing of ownership: “I bought from the Rav Av Beit Din, David Broda.” A number of glosses in the margins. Rabbi Yitzhak Grishaber (1741-1823), was Av Beit Din of Paks and Aya, a student of the Noda B’Yehuda and other sages of his generation. Fought together with the Chatam Sofer against Rav Aharon Khoriner, rabbi of Arad, who allowed the Shritel fish to be eaten. He even printed the book “Mekel Noam” which included dozens of letters from sages on this subject. He published a number of works, only some of each remain until today. Signatures and listings of ownership, page cutting is in gold. Stains from time. New binding. [5], 68; 69 pages. 31cm. Generally good condition.
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