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Sefer Orech Chaim of the Chida with Signature of the Publisher Rabbi Yaakov Bayi ben Rabbi Chaim Mashiach. Kabalah. Jerusalem, 1890. Limited Edition of Only 100 Copies!

Orach Chaim, the the "seder tikun kareit" as instituted by Rabbeinu Chaim Yosef Dovid Azulai – the Chida. As mentioned on the back of the title page, a previous edition was printed that year by Rabbi Yaakov Bayi ben Rabbi Chaim Mashiach, and then Rabbi Yaakov Chai Burla received permission to print another 100, slightly revised, copies. The National Library has the other edition in the rare collection, but we did not find this edition. [1], 126, [2] leaves. Original binding with leather spine, light stains, blemished binding, tear to the last leaf without loss, overall fine condition. Prominent owner notation on the title page: יעקב באיי ב"ר חיים משיח ז"ל – the first publisher. His name appears on the back of the title page, in the publisher of this edition's statement regarding the fact that he received permission before publishing. It seems that the printer Rabbi Yaakov Chai Burla gifted this copy to the publisher who so generously allowed him to print this limited edition.
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