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LOT: 013

Rare and unique, a lot of three pipes made from paper and silver from the Kabbalistic elder, Rav Yitzhak Khadouri.

Lot of 3 pipes made of paper prepared and rolled by RavKhadouri in a unique way—his assistant and student Rabbi ben Tziyon testifies that he would smoke them with 11 inhalations as a symbol of the ketoret, and he would have kavanot while doing so to do tikkun for the souls of Israel destined for the fire. Afterwards he would traditionally put the pipes in gniza in a special box. Also included is his personal silver pipe. The smoking of the Rav is written about in the book “Yeshuot Yitzhak” by Rabbi Meir Malka: “when Rabbeinu was checked by his personal doctor, Dr. Kleinman, during his hospitalization, he was completely surprised…when they did a bronchoscopy, his breathing system was like that of a 50-year-old…and not like those of someone who smoked his whole life until such an advanced age.” One page is 19cm, two others are 11.5cm. All of stains from use, having been put to the mouth of Rabbeinu. The silver pipe is 7.5cm. The mouthpiece is made from plastic with stains from use. Accompanied by a written certificate by his son, Rabbi David Khadouri: “All of the pipes for cigarettes are made by hand by my father…the kabbalist Rabbi Yitzhak Khadouri.” RavKhadouri was born at the end of the 19th century in Baghdad (Iraq), in his youth he knew and met the Ben Ish Hai, he received Torah and kabbalah from Baghdad’s sages and from Jerusalem’s sages after he moved there in 1922. During his first years in Jerusalem he made a livingbinding books and studied at the Beit El and Porat Yosef yeshivot in the Old City. Over the years, his wisdom became famous, his knowledge of mysticism—many went to his home to receive blessings and advice from him, and to receive amulets for their welfare. Died in 2006 after living more than 100 years, and thousands of Jews from all walks of life participated in his funeral.
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