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LOT: 104

Extremely rare! The Chassidic kabbalistic book Sod Yachin v’Boaz—first edition, Ostraha 1794, by the student of the Ba’al Shem Tov, Rabbi Meir Margaliyot, the Me’ir Netivot

In Gematriya the title spells out Meir—this is a kabbalistic work by the student of the Ba’al Shem Tov, Rabbi Meir Margaliyot, Av Beit Din of Ostraha, the Meir Netivism, and one of the first tzaddikim of the Chassidic movement. The book was brought to the printer by his son and successor in Ostraha, Rabbi Betzalel Margaliyot, with effusive endorsements by Chassidic sages, including Rabbi Zusha of Anipoli, Rabbi Haim of Krosna, the Maggid of Kozhnitz. First edition, Ostraha 1794. Rare and special book, Stefanski Chassidut 435. Originally 22 pages. The copy before us is missing page 21. Before us are 2 copies, the cover and 11 pages are doubled, together they can be used to create a single copy missing only 1 page (21). Lots of moth damage and stains, no binding, pages detached, some with tape and various damage to text. Generally bad to ok condition. Rabbi Meir Margaliyot (c.1707-1790) was one of the first and greatest students of the Ba’al Shem Tov, whom he saw for the first time in his youth when he was a Shov in Kfar Kashilwitz. He erved as Av Beit Din in Horodnaka, Lviv, and Ostraha, and was officially appointed by the last King of Poland, King Stanislav II as the Chief Rabbi of Ukraine. Authored a number of books, which were published after his death by his sons.
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