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LOT: 060

Rare and special: A letter with a blessing “for physical and spiritual health” in the handwriting and with the signature of the Rebbe Rabbi Shlomo Benzion Twersky, the Yanuka of Chernobyl

A letter written by the Rebbe Rabbi Shlomo Benzion Twersky of Cherbobyl to one of his disciples, apparently in response to a kvittel the chassid sent him requesting a blessing. He begins his letter to “My friend the generous chassid Asher Ben Zion” with the words “Life, peace, blessing and success and all good” and later writes that he blesses him with physical and spiritual health in the upcoming year, and a year of redemption and salvation, a year in which G-d will grant all his desires for the good in spirituality and physicality and salvations and comfort within the Jewish people… may he be redeemed with the complete redemption” and ends with the signature Shlomo Benzion son of the famous rabbi Yeshaya Meshulam Zusia. Dimensions: 13*15 cm, slight stains, excellent condition. The Rebbe Rabbi Shlomo Benzion son of Rabbi Yeshaya Meshulam Zusia of Chernobyl (1870-1940) was the son-in-law of Shneur Zalman Chodrov of Berdichev – the son-in-law of Rabbi Moshe of Orzistov. At the young age of 13 he was appointed as his father’s successor as Rebbe, and was therefore known as the Yanuka of Chernobyl. After the First World War he emigrated to the U.S., but after a short while he returned to Russia due to his disgust for the materialism that was rampant in the U.S. He was the in-law of the Rebbe Rabbi Gedaliah Moshe of Zhvil. He gave approbations to the book Tzror Hachaim – Bilgoraj 1913 and the book Tav Yehoshua, Warsaw 1895.
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