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Mishnayot Seder Nezikin—Mahlov 1818. Rare!

Mishnayot with the commentary of Rabbi Ovadia of Bartenura, Ikar Tosafot Yom Tov, and other Tosafot. [2], 244 pages, 17 cm. Moth damage and many stains. Various tears and imperfections, also on title page. Original binding with worn and damaged leather spine. Fair general condition - poor. Catalogued in The National Library as a rare book. Ancient signature on the title page title page, "The Benjamin Ze'ev", on the last page an ancient manuscript inscription: "The one who will say after lighting the Chanukah candles ..." With various prayers inscription probably by Chassidim. "Benjamin Ze'ev HaCohen Shem [?]". About the Mahalov print, see Friedberg's article on this print in his book on Hebrew print in Poland. We will quote a paragraph here about the importance of this print for Hasidim from the article by Avraham Yaari "The Hebrew print in Mahlov on the Dniester River" from Kiryat Sefer, Year 23: Printer R. Zvi was a smart student and precise, and he added a few books of commentary, including various manuscripts, or formulas according to exact books, so he added a great deal to Midrash, and many additions. Levi Yitzhak of Berdychov and Rabbi Avraham Yehoshua Heshil of Afta [Ohev Yisrael] while sitting in Ias and Ma'zibuz. Their endorsements appear in a number of books printed in Mahlov. The Rabbi of Aphtha also inspired the printer to print the "ma’amadot" and even handed him the "Seder Amirat HaKetoret" that he arranged, for printing at the end of the ma’amadot
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