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Miniature mishnayot with complete commentary KafNachat (Kedoshim, Teharot)—Offenbach 1732.

Commentary by RavShneorFeivush ben Yaakov, who was the grandson and great-grandson to Rabbi Moshe Isserlish of Krakow, Ra’avadGalogaRabbati in Poland, son-in-law of Rabbi Avigdor (from the endorsement of the commentary for the 6 Books of Mishnah given by Rabbi Shmuel Hillman Ra’avad of Mannheim). The name of the book was taken from a verse in Ecclesiastes. The printer is Israel ben Moshe. Original: 143-172, 175-462, [4] pages. 13cm. Four pages are missing here (167-172), and the cover page (unclear if there is one in the original?). Listing of ownership on the first and last pages. Original leather binding. A little moth damage. Generally ok to good condition.
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