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LOT: 126

Jam made from the etrogs of Jewish sages, made by the Rabbanit Bat Shev Kanievsky

Small box given by the Rabbanit Bat Sheva Kanievsky, wife of Rabbi Haim Kanievsky, with “jam from etrogs of the generation’s sages,” made by hand, which she prepared from etrogim blessed by sages. On the box appears their names: her father the Grish Elyashiv, her husband the Grach Kanievsky, the Gra Yosef, the Grish Wasner, and more. She would prepare this every year after sukkot and would distribute it all year long from the pharmacy as a segulah for an easy birth. The box in front of us is from the last year of the Rebbetzin's life, and this is what the owner says: "In Elul 5769, Rabbi Kanievsky stood under her house on Rashbam Street with a group of congregants seeking advice and blessing, and next to her, her daughter called aloud "Is there anyone else here who needs etrog jam for an easy birth?" A woman who passed the street and heard the call immediately was also urged, saying, "Yes, I want for my niece who is going to give birth in the next few months," Rabbanit Kanievsky called her and congratulated her with such a box of etrog jam for an easy birth and handed the box over to her aunt. Then another woman came and said that she needed etrog jam, but Rabbanit Kanievsky replied “sorry, this was the last box from the batch I prepared this year. Wait for the next Sukkot (in about a month) and come to get from the new batch.” 'But unfortunately, after about a month in the midst of Sukkot, 1990, the rabbanit was taken from this world and the new batch failed to come. The woman who received the box is my aunt and niece to whom my box was sent. Since then, the "box" is kept in our freezer at home and each member of the family receives a pinch from the batch before delivery.” The box is not filled, and has been frozen for all this time. The caption is slightly erased.
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