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LOT: 012

Ma’aseh Tuvya—second edition, Yasnitz 1721. Partially missing copy with interesting old signatures.

First section from Sefer HaOlamot (also known as Ma’aseh Tuvya), about the foundations of faith, the nature of the world, cosmography, astronomy, and geography. Illustrated cover made from a wood carving, and a number of wood engravings throughout the book, by Rabbi Tuvya HaRofeh from Metz. Copy before us has the four first pages and goes until 69 [in the original it went until 122]. Tear with damage to text on one of the pages, repaired professionally, cover page professionally repaired in the corners, with old signatures and listings of ownership: “I bought it on Rosh Hashanah 1821, Haim Voyel of Schwartzentz,” “Yitzhak Yehuda Prustig” and an additional signature “Itzik…” which is unreadable. Long and interesting gloss that wasn’t checked thoroughly. Generally good condition. New cardboard binding.
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