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LOT: 102

“Ma’aseh HaMenorah,” a micrograph illustration in a large format—Europe, beginning of the 20th century. Rare.

Handmade micrograph work, with the words of the mizmor “LaMenatze’ach Binginot.” The text is verses from the Torah regarding the making of the Menorah. At the top of the work is a Star of David with, in gold ink, the word Echad instead of the usual Haviah (rare in and of itself), and the star itself is also a micrograph. The base of the menorah has a different ink, slightly faded at the edges, “15th of Tevet, 1940,” under which is written “the writer is the young Shmuel Eltaviv.” The picture is surrounded by a frame made from a unique geometric pattern, also micrograph. Given in a frame made of thick material in two colors. Not examined outside the frame. 49x65cm, including the frame it is 57x73cm. Generally good condition.
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