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LOT: 056

Ma’arikh HaMa’arakhot—a Hebrew dictionary. First edition, Paris 1629.

Dictonarium Absolutissimum, on the roots of the Holy Tongue, by Philip d’Aquin. “Includes Leket, Shichecha, and Pe’ah…all of the words from the roots, organized and interpreted in an easy order…by the teacher of Hebrew in the government of King Louis de Bourbon…” The cover page is a mixture of Hebrew and Latin, and the [3] first pages are also in Latin. Philip d’Aquin (approx. 1578-1650) was a converted Jew. The king Louis XIII gave him the title of Professor of the Hebrew Language. He composed and translated many books, including a translation of Bechinot Olam and Pirkei Avot. Stamps of ownership of Rav Yosef Shlomo Safsal, member of the Council of Torah Sages. Original parchment binding, worn a little. Page [5] is disconnected. Stains over time. [12] 584 pages. 37cm. Generally good condition.
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