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Masechet Prohibition, New York 1929. First edition. Parody on the dry period in the United States in the 1920s.

By Gershon Kish. Although it was allowed to sell wine for religious purposes, only four rabbinical organizations were to be approved for it, which caused competition for these approvals, since getting control of such approvals meant money that could be used to support religious organizations. Many took advantage of the situation for bad purposes, and illegal agents used loopholes to create and sell wine. The combination of persecution and difficult living conditions together with Talmudic minds resulted in, for hundreds of years, an ironic sense of humor and even satirical. Many times, these articles illustrate the periods in which they were written with secret references to issues of the day. 40 pages, 22cm. Generally very good condition. Includes the original outside binding, torn at the edges and disconnected.
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