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LOT: 006

Masechtot Shavuot and Avoda Zara—Zhitomir 1858 – stamp of the Slobodka yeshiva in Hevron.

From the Talmud Bavli, printed by the partners, the grandsons of the SlavitaRav, Rabbi HaninaLifa and Rabbi Yehoshua Heschel Shapira. 2 covers with red ink. The cover of Shavuot is a little defective, signature of ownership of S. Kook (perhaps the rabbi of Tiberias, RavSimchahHaKohen Kook, or one of his family members). Stamp of the Knesset YisraelSlobodka Yeshiva Library of Hevron—made with a marker and listed “loaned.” Additional stamp “belongs to the synagogue of the KolelWalin, Tiberias.” Back of the cover has a listing “in memory of Rav Nachman bar Avraham Menachem Segel, killed in service of Hashem in Hevron in 1929. Moth holes, stains, and various tears. Generally good condition. Original binding is defective.
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