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LOT: 004

Masechet Brachot, and Mishnayot Zraim – Zhitomir, 1861.

Printed by the Shapira brothers, grandsons of the Slavita Rav. With the Rosh, Maharsha, Rif, commentary of the Ran, and many other Tosafot. Shape of the page is one of the prettiest that existed by that time. Two covers, partially in red ink. The mishnayot have a separate cover in black ink. An important and sought after edition of the Shas. | The Shapira family’s Slavita printing house was closed because of informants, and was re-established in Zhitomir in 1847 by the Slavita Rav’s grandsons, Rabbi Hanina Lifa and Rabbi Yehoshua Heschel Shapira, and operated until 1864. In this printing house, their third edition of the Shas was printed. Books printed in Slavita and Zhitomir are known to have a special holiness to them, since the printer and the letters were tovelled in a mikveh before starting work. It is famous that owning a book from a Slavita or Zhitomir printing has a segula for preservation of the home and for success. | Bound with the original leather binding, handsome, with golden inscriptions. Partially disconnected binding. Rare to find a gemara in this condition. 39cm. Generally good condition.
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