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LOT: 342

Masechet Brachot, the copy of the Admor Rabbi Gedalya Moshe of Zvhil.

Two covers, printed by Argelbrand, Warsaw 1863. On the page before the first cover are stamps of ownership of Rabb Gedalya Moshe of Zvhil. On the page before the second cover is a handwritten listing of ownership by the tzaddik Rabbi Shlomo Pristick, son-in-law of the Admor Rabbi Gedalya Moshe. The Admor Rabbi Gedalya Moshe Goldman (1887-1949) was the 5th Admor of Zvhil. He was persecuted by the Soviet government and sentenced to seven years of hard labor in Siberia. It is said that he scolded the judges, saying that “One does not raise his finger from below unless it is decreed from above.” In 1937 he succeeded escaping from Russia, moved to Israel, and settled in Jerusalem. After his father died (Rabbi Shlomke of Zvhil), he began serving as Admor. He is buried in the Givat Ram cemetery. The grave has become a popular pilgrimage destination. | Rabbi Shlomo Pristik (1915-2016), son in law of the Admor, is known in Jerusalem by the name “the Rav Shloimaleh Der Milchger,” since he was a dairyman to earn money and hid his tzaddikut. He was extremely modest and ran from accolades. | Leather binding with golden inscriptions. Stains from moisture, no damage to text. Tears in the white margins. Stamps of ownership. 64; 88 pages. 23cm. Generally good condition.
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