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LOT: 502

Letter from the Admor Rabbi Shalom Moskowitz of Shotz. Long letter from an earlier period.

Letter of blessing, with divrei mussar and encouragement for the groom, written and signed by the Admor Rabbi Shalom Moskwoitz of Shotz. 25 lines in his handwriting. Letter is undated, but from the color of the paper and the ink, it is apparent that it was written during an early period. The Admor Rabbi Shalom Moskowitz of Shotz (1878-1958) was a descendant of the Maggid of Zolochiv, he was a great sage of the revealed Torah, halacha, and mysticism. In his youth he was certified by the Maharsham of Brazin, who spoke highly of him. He compiled books of halacha. In 1930 he moved to London, he became famous as the Admor of Shotz and was known as a miracle worker. In his will, he guaranteed mercy and salvation for anyone who moved to Israel, took it up oneself to strengthen his mitzvoth, and lit candles. His grave is in a hill of Talpiyot, and he requested in his will that no elegant descriptions of him appear on his gravestone, particularly the word “tzaddik.” Size: 18x11cm, good condition, light defect in the margins with damage to a couple letters.
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