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LOT: 171

Shadrut letter from the rabbis of Hevron carried by the godly Rabbi Amram ben Divan, 1773. An important, historical letter

A Shadrut letter signed by the great rabbis of Hevron. Sent to the Gaon Rabbi Eliyahu HaTzarfati of Morocco, sent in the hands of Rabbi Amram ben Divan. In the letter they describe the difficult situation of the city and tell about the Jews who are in prison. As is known, in this delegation he met HaHida in Egypt, and after great worries he sailed for Morocco and died there next to Ouazzane on Tu B’Av 1782. On the letter are signatures from great rabbis of Hevron: Rabbi Aharon Alfandri, the Markevet HaMishnah and Yad Aharon (HaHida praises him a lot in his book). Rabbi Avraham Gedalya (signature erased). Rabbi Hayim Yehuda Gometz Pato, Rabbi Pinhas Mordechai Bagayo. Rabbi Hiya Zeevi. Rabbi Amram ben Divan is mentioned with fear and awe by the Jews of Morocco, he was born in Jerusalem in 1740 and became a student of the revealed and hidden Torah. He settled in Hevron, and in 1763 he was sent as a Shadar to Morocco with an appointment letter signed by Rav Yitzhak Zeev. After he travelled around Morocco and gathered the donations for Hevron, he returned to Israel. After a short time in Israel he left again for a second time in 1773. He stayed more than 8 years, most in Makanes by Rabbi Zecharya Masas. The reason for his stay was the tribal war taking place outside Makanes, though it seems possible his medical situation also prevented him from travelling, as a result of his deep asceticism. He left Fez and then Tangiers in 1782, but died on the way back to Israel and is buried in the cemetery of Asjan next to Lusan. His grave is a pilgrimage site in Morocco. Stories of his miracles abound. The paytan Rav David Hassin, who knew him personally for many years, composed a piyyut in his honor and called it HaHar HATov. This letter appeared in a book of shluchim by Avraham Ya’ari published by Mossad HaRav Kook in Jerusalem, 1951, p. 585. Attached is an official letter on letterhead by Rabbi Refael HaTzarfati, who inherited the letter. The letter underwent professional restoration. Damage to the text through the letter in the center. Generally ok to good condition. Attached is a certificate from Rav Shimon Schwartz, shlita.
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