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LOT: 237

Letter handwritten and signed by the Admor Rabbi Mordechai Rokeach of Bielgoriya. Tel Aviv

Letter addressed to Rabbi Naftali Zvi Shmerler, a dayan in the Beit Din of the Eida Charedit, and Rabbi Yisrael Yitzhak Reisman, who was Ra’avad of the Chassidic communities and also a dayan. The letter discusses an issue related to a din torah that was brought to the beit din. 19.5x23cm. Light creases, overall good condition. Admor Rabbi Mordechai Rokeach (1901-1950) was the son of the third Admor of the Belz dynasty, Rabbi Issachar Dov of Belz (the Maharid). In 1926, when he was 25 years old, he was appointed rabbi of Bielgoriya, where he would hold tisches and receive kvitlach. During the Shoah he moved around with his brother, Rabbi Aharon of Belz, until they finally reached Israel, where he stood at the right-hand of his brother and helped to established and repair the Belz Chassidic movement. When he found out that his first wife was murdered by the Nazis, he married the daughter of Rabbi Zvi Glick, son of Rabbi Yaakov Yehezkiya Greenwald. They had one said, who was named after his father Rabbi Issachar Dov, who is now the Belzer Rebbe. In 1950 when visiting his brother in London, he became ill and he passed away quickly. His grave is in Tiberias near those of students of the Baal Shem Tov.
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