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LOT: 167

Long letter handwritten and signed by the Admor Rabbi Mordechai Rokach of Belz, Av Beit Din of Bilogoria, father of the Admor of Belz.

Letter to Rav Shadrovitzky, New Year blessings, and a request regarding Agudat Yisrael. The Admor Rabbi Mordechai Rokach of Belz-Bilogoria, father of the Admor of Belz now, was born in Belz and was the son of Rabbi Issachar Dov Rokach, the third Admor of Belz. At age 25 he was made a rav in Bilogoria. During the Shoah he and his brother, Rabbi Aharon Rokach (the Admor of Belz) escaped to a few successive countries in Europe, until arriving in Budapest where they stayed until 1944, before they were smuggled out to Israel after they were notified that the Gestapo were keeping track of them and had asked the Hungarian government to return them to German hands. He settled in Tel Aviv. After he found out that his wife and children had been murdered, he remarried and had a son, Rabbi Issachar Dov Rokach, the current Admor of Belz. Tel Aviv, 1949. Stains, filing holes, small tear in the left side, signs of folding, generally good condition.
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