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Auction No' 1, - 10.07.2014



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LOT: 033

Lots Tanach and Siddurim Metal

Lots Tanach and Siddurim Metal diferent conditions
Starting at $30
LOT: 034

Three lots of four copper-covers Siddurim

Total: 12 siddurim. Made of - covers copper and tin, silver plated one, one leather. Place - Israel. Different periods. Different conditions.
Item sold at $40 Starting at $40
LOT: 035

Inkwell olive tree Palestine

Olive tree in the form of camel, Jerusalem. 20th.
Starting at $50
LOT: 036

Oil packing tin box made in Aljiria

Oil in tin can oil exist inside. Aljiria 50th.
Starting at $30
LOT: 037

Wooden box First Aid The Histadrut Haclalait

Wooden box First Aid "Hahistadrut Haklalit" 1950s 24*31cm
Starting at $30
LOT: 038

Alpaca figure Set

Set of 6 units figure asparagus figure alpaca (Signed)
Starting at $90
LOT: 039

Boar's tooth

Boar's tooth 10X2 cm
Starting at $50
LOT: 040

Decorative Spear

Probably silver or silver plate (not checked). One blade is probably made ​​in the 40s.
Item sold at $30 Starting at $30