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Auction No' 1, - 10.07.2014



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LOT: 001

Brandy bottle shaped as the 'migdal david

Brandy bottle production of charles robin, shaped as 'migdal david, 29x7 c"m A C. 1950S.
Starting at $70
LOT: 002

Lot of porcelain figures

Lot 5 porcelain figures
Starting at $30
LOT: 003

Copper Binoculars

Copper Binoculars 16X12 cm
Starting at $70
LOT: 004

Lupe Russian

Lupe russian, 50s .length 10 cm + compatible box
Starting at $30
LOT: 005

Lots of Russian military items

Lot of Russian military items Police flashlight (Ktz'alka) + 3 Russian military belt Novices. Navy. Infantry
Starting at $100
LOT: 006

'Tzedaka' boxes- different places

Lot of 3 'Tzedaka' boxes. -'Rabbi Meir baal hanes'-tzedaka box- made out of tin. -yeshivat rambam tzedaka box- made out of tin. - tzedaka box- named on the 'Chazon ish'. Different conditions. Israel.
Item sold at $50 Starting at $30
LOT: 007

Tzedakah tin of Yeshivat "Porat Yosef"

Tzedakah tin of Yeshivat "Porat Yosef". Yeshiva building apparently was destroyed during Hts"h. (Missing cover)
Starting at $30
LOT: 008


Car Radio Made in London (Not in working condition)
Starting at $30