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LOT: 227

Letter of New Years’ blessings handwritten and signed by the Admor Rabbi Yisrael of Husiatyn (Ruzhin) to his father-in-law, Rabbi Haim of Atinia.

Letter written entirely by hand and signed by the Admor Rabbi Yisrael of Husiatyn. From Sunday of Parshat Ha’azinu, 1925. To his father-in-law (from his second marriage), Admor Rabbi Haim Hager of Atinia. With many effusive blessings: “May the one who sits in Heaven sign you in the book of tzaddikim for life, my honorable father-in-law…the root of gems, Haim Shlita…after the entirety of life and peace may Hashem give and add to an eternity and may you only hear good things, blessings from heaven, with a happy and sweet new year, life and happiness and a gmar chatima tova for you and your household”. Size: 22.5x14.5cm. Written on graph paper, with tape for reinforcement on the back, signs of folding, stains mainly on the empty section of the paper, generally good condition of the text. Rabbi Yisrael Friedman of Husiatyn (1858-1949), the elder of the rebbes of the Ruzhin family, named after his grandfather the founder of the dynasty Rabbi Yisrael of Ruzhin. In 1894 he was appointed to succeed his father as rebbe of Husiatyn and the thousands of disciples who had followed his father now accepted his authority. Toward the end of his life he immigrated to Israel and settled in Tel Aviv, where he established his court. Receiver of the letter is Admor Rabbi Haim Hager of Atinia (1862-1932), son of the Admor Rabbi Baruch of Vizhnitz. Appointed by the Beit Shlomo, the Davar Moshe, and Rabbi Yaakov Weidenfeld of Rimalov. He was a rabbi and Admor in Atinia in 1893, followed by Stanislav. He was the son-in-law of Rabbi Yitzhak Friedman of Bohosh (grandson of the Admor of Ruzhin), and in his second marriage he was son-in-law to Rabbi Shraga Meir ben Natan David of Bilibrezig (Peshischa), and in his third marriage to Rabbi Zvi Hirsch of Rozodov (Rufshitz). He served as head of the Kollel Bukovina. He authored Nimukei Haim, Atinia 1910, and Tal Haim, essays on Aseifat Chachamim—Atinia 1910.
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