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09.07.2018 - Auction 19


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LOT: 126

Sefer HaZohar, the Copy of Rabbi David [Dovche] Schweks

The book of the Zohar on the book of Shemot. The copy of Rabbi David [Dovche] Schweks. On the leaf before the title page "This Zohar on the book of Shemot was owned by Rabbi Lipman David Schweks who was Av Beit Din and dayan in the city of Jerusalem, and it was given to me by my uncle Rabbi Yisrael Shneur Zalman as a gift, the grandson of Menachem Mendel son of Shimon Friedman." | Rabbi Lipman David [Dovche] Schweks [circa 1830 – 1924], Av Beit Din of the Beit Din of the chassidim in Jerusalem. At the age of 14 the Rebbe Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Kotzk arranged for him to marry his niece, and at the age of 16 he was ordained as a Rabbi by the Rebbe of Kotzk who even appointed him as a dayan in the city of Kotzk. His study partner was his cousin (the Rebbe's son-in-law) the author of the 'Avnei Nezer' of Sochatov. He immigrated to Israel in 1898 and headed the Beit Din of Jerusalem. On his tombstone is written: "Judged the Jewish People for seventy years, had the merit of serving in the capital city of Kotzk during the lifetime of the Rebbe Rabbi Menachem Mendel and from there immigrated to settle in our holy land and was appointed as Av Beit Din, as which he served until the day he died". | Colored page cut. Repairs with sellotape. Worming holes. The title page and the first and last leaves are missing. | 5-279 leaves, 23 cm. Overall condition: Fair – Good.
Starting at $100
LOT: 127

Chiddushei HaRitba – copy of the Admor Rabbi Alter Beiderman of Sosnovitz, son of Rabbi Elazar Mendel of Lalov, glosses. Rare.

On Masechet Yevamot, printed by Rabbi Yitzhak Madpis, Sadilkov, 1833. Light blue pages, two stampf of ownership of Alter ben Rav Eliezer Menachem,” the Admor Rabbi Alter of Sosnovitz-Lalov. The cover page has a handwritten listing of ownership, Yitzhak David, probably the signature of his uncle Rabbi Yitzhak David, son of Rabbi Moshe of Lalov, who was called after two of his elders, one from his mother and one from his father: Rav David of Lalov, and the Yehudi HaKadosh of Peshischa. Glosses handwritten in pencil. Books signed by Admorim of Lalov are extremely rare. | The Admor Rabbi Alter Avaraham Betzalel Natan Neta (1862-1933)son of the Admor Rabbi Elazar Mendel and brother to Admor Rabbi David Zvi Shlomo of Lalov. Returned to Poland during the First World War and settled in Sosnovitz. There he became known as the “Admor of Eretz Yisrael.” He was the son-in-law of his cousin, Rav Binyamin Yehuda Leib Bernstein. Stamps and listing of ownership. Moth damage. [1] 56 pages. 34cm. Generally ok to good condition.
Item sold at $100 Starting at $100
LOT: 128

Babylonian Talmud with a Dedication in the Handwriting of Rabbi Yissachar Ber Chassid, Who Conducted the Wedding of the 'Chatam Sofer' and Handwritten Glosses

A volume from tractates Shabbat and Eiruvin from the Babylonian Talmud, with a separate title page for each tractate. Frankfurt on the Oder, 1716. Ownership inscriptions on the title page and inscriptions of names of students on the last leaf. A long dedication [4 lines] to the congregation of Eibeshitz, in the handwriting of Rabbi Yissachar Ber Chassid Av Beit Din of Mattersdorf. And handwritten glosses. | Rabbi Yissachar Ber [Bloch] Chassid, [1730 – 1798], one of the foremost Rabbis of his time. Author of the 'Binat Yissachar', Av Beit Din of serval communities and finally of Mattersdorf (the 'Chatam Sofer' succeeded him as Rabbi of the city of Mattersdorf). The 'Noda B'Yehuda' – with whom he corresponded extensively – refers to him in one of his responsa as "my beloved, the wonderful rabbi the prince of Torah. Speaks in clear language. Rabbi Ber Av Beit Din of the community of Goiten", (Responsa Noda B'Yehuda, first edition, Yoreh Deah 93). Studied Kabbalah extensively, the famous responsum of the Noda B'Yehuda regarding reciting 'Leshem Yichud' which ends with the words "The words of God are straight, the righteous will stride in them and chassidim will stumble on them…" (Responsa Noda B'Yehuda, first edition, Yoreh Deah 93) were also written to him. The 'Chatam Sofer' revered him and even invited him to conduct his wedding ceremony. He mentions him many times in his books, and even writes about him: "The great pious one… after detaching himself completely from all the desires of this world, dedicated himself completely to holiness and purity". His son Rabbi Shimon Sofer of Krakow attests in his attribution to his book "Bnei Yissachar" (on Mishnayot): "I heard my father exuberantly praise his Torah and sanctity several times". | Original binding, detached. Spine is missing. Detached leaves. Worming holes. | 159, 28; 106, 20, 15 leaves. 29 cm. Overall condition: Fair.
Starting at $500
LOT: 129

Shot of the Chatam Sofer – first edition, Pressburg, 1841-1855. Copy of the Gaon Rabbi Haim Berlin with glosses handwritten by him.

Sections: Orech Hayyim and Yoreh De’ah bound together. Each section has a separate cover page. First edition. Printed by Anton/Franz Schmidt, Pressburg 1841-1855, respectively. With listing of ownership on the cover and last page of Yoreh De’ah: “Hayim Berlin of Volozhin.” A number of glosses in both sections written by hand by Rabbi Haim Berlin. Rabbi Moshe Sofer (1762-1839) was a leader of the Charedi community in Germany and Mediterranean Europe. A great rabbi and posek. Rabbi of Pressburg, which was the most important community in the country, and served there until his death. The yeshiva he founded became a spiritual center for European Jewry and was the largest since the Jews of Babylon. His teaching method was slowly adopted by a majority of yeshivot in Hungary. Authored around 100 different text. Rabbi Haim Berlin (1832-1913), Av Beit Din and Ram of Volozhin, rabbi of Moscow and Jerusalem, son of the Natziv of Volozhin. | New binding, stamps of ownership, moth holes. | 82; [4], 153, [6] pages. 38cm. Generally good condition.
Item sold at $325 Starting at $180
LOT: 130

Lot of 2 books from the library of Rabbi Haim Berlin, son of the Natziv of Volozhin.

1. Shot Tov Ta’am and Da’at, section 1 by Rabbi Slomo Kluger, Lemberg 1857. Spine in the binding is a little worn, stains, moth hole on the cover, (4) 100 (13) pages. Very good condition. 2. Mar’ot HaTzov’ot, commentary on the First Prophets by Rabbi Moshe Alshich, Warsaw 1862. Both books stamped by Rabbi Haim Berlin, when he was in Jerusalem. Rabbi Haim Berlin (1832-1913), Av Beit Din and Ram of Volozhin, rabbi of Moscow and Jerusalem, son of the Natziv of Volozhin. Cover page has an inscription. | Binding disconnected, moth holes and stains. Good condition.
Starting at $150
LOT: 131

Shot Beit HaLevi, 2 sections, Warsaw, first section 1863, second 1874. First edition, many notes handwritten. Partially missing copy.

By Rabbi Yosef Dov HaLevi Soloveitchik, 2 sections. First edition, bound at the end of section 2 without a cover, copy goes until page 172. Intro and first pages unprofessionally repaired, damage to text. Second section is first edition, cover repaired. After the cover are 3 pages with dozens of handwritten notes, Perhaps a manuscript by Rabbi Chaim Berlin. Stains, moth holes, generally good condition.
Starting at $500
LOT: 132

Korban Aharon – second edition, Dessau, 1742. Copy of Rabbi Haim Berlin – with glosses.

Commentary on Sefer Sifra by Rabbi Aharon Even-Haim. Printed by Eli of Dessau from the Isserles family, 1742. At the front of the book is a text called Midot Aharon by the author. Second edition. Stamp of ownership of Haim Berlin (see about him in other items from this auction. | New binding, a few signs of moths damage. | [2], 20; 260 page. 34cm. Good condition.
Starting at $120
LOT: 133

Sefer Or Chadash with Many Glosses and Additions in the Author's Handwriting

The book Or Chadash, which includes three books: Or Chadash, ToldotRababachv'SifrutYemeiKedem and Mefa'aneachNe'elamim. A separate title page for each book. By Rabbi Elazar David Sofer Orenstein, son of the Rebbe Rabbi Avraham Yehoshua Heschel of Moglanitza (1826-1878) and a descendant of the "Yeshuot Yaacov", the Maggid of Koznitz, Rabbi Avraham Yehoshua Heschel of Apta and others. | Throughout the copy before us are many long glosses and additions in the author's handwriting. Apparently in preparation for the next edition. Levitsky printing press, Tel Aviv, 1945. |Binding and first leaf are detached. | 30; 22; 18 pages. 23 cm. Overall condition: Good.
Starting at $120
LOT: 134

Collection, Book of Psalms with Many Handwritten Glosses, Bound Together with the Book Yesod Ma'aravi with Author's Dedication

1. The Book of Psalms with the commentary Eretz HaChaim. With dozens of long glosses in pencil, in oriental, rabbinic handwriting. The content of the glosses was not examined. First leaves are missing. | 2. The book Yesod Ma'aravi, mussar and tikkun habrit, by the sage the emissary Rabbi Rafael Ochana, who was referred to by the 'Yisa Bracha' Rabbi Shaul Elyashar as "the great Rabbi". With a dedication of the author in his handwriting. | Original binding, and one leaf detached. Age stains. Ownership inscription. | 70; 78 leaves. 17 cm. Overall condition: Fair.
Starting at $120
LOT: 135

Prayer Book with a Dedication and Blessings in the Handwriting and with the Signature of the Elder of the Kabbalists Rabbi Yitzchak Kaduri

Prayer Book Nachalat Yitzchak published by the kabbalist yeshiva 'Nachalat Yitzchak' headed by the elder of the Kabbalists Rabbi Yitzchak Kaduri. On the leaf before the title page is a long dedication [8 lines] and blessings in the handwriting and with the signature of Rabbi Kaduri. The Rabbi blesses anyone who prays from the prayer book that his prayers will be accepted! "May God grant him success in everything he does and may he always pray from it for a good and happy life Amen so may it be. I affix my signature in 5744 [1994] in the month of Sivan, Yitzchak Kaduri." | The Kabbalist Rabbi Yitzchak Kaduri: born in the late 19th century in Iraq, as a child he saw and was acquainted with the Ben Ish Chai, he learned Torah and Kabbalah from the sages of Iraq and from the sages of Jerusalem to where he immigrated in 1922. In his early years in Jerusalem he made a living selling books and studied in the Beit El and Porat Yosef yeshivot in the Old City of Jerusalem. Over the years, his greatness in Kabbalah became known and many people came to his house to receive his blessing and advice. He died at an old age of over a hundred year's old in 2006 and his funeral was attended by great Torah scholars from all sects and groups. | 700; [1], 116 [6] pages. Overall condition: Very Good.
Item sold at $450 Starting at $300
LOT: 136

Sefer Lev Marpeh, Jerusalem 1887. With a Dedication of the Author the Rishon L'Zion Rabbi Meir Panigel to Rabbi Shmuel Salant

Sefer Lev Marpeh, halachic investigations in alphabetical order with homilies on different matters, by Rabbi Rafael Meir Panigel the Rishon L'Zion, Jerusalem, 1887. On the rear side of the title page is a dedication printed in gold ink filled out in the handwriting of the author to the "Rabbi the gaon the wonder Rabbi Shmuel Salant" and his signature. The author the Rabbi Hamarpeh: 1804-1893, appointed as Rishon L'Zion after Rabbi Avraham Ashkenzai in 1880. His son-in-law is Rabbi Chaim Moshe Elyashar the son of the YisaBracha author of the book Moshe Ha'Ish and more. At the age of 37 the Rabbi was sent to Tunisia and Algeria. In his visit to Tunisia in 1863 there was a drought, the local Rabbis asked him to pray for rain, and a miracle happened and before he completed his prayers the heavens were covered with clouds and copious rain fell, which was a miraculous sign for the entire community. This event made him famous. The Rabbi enacted many decrees in the communities he came to, one of the decrees was printed in this book in the introduction named "ZikaronLifnei Hashem Tamid". 127 leaves. Title page is partially detached, worming holes. Overall condition: Good.
Item sold at $200 Starting at $200
LOT: 137

SeferIshEmunim, Jerusalem, 1888. With a Dedicaiton from the Author the Rishon L'Zion author of the YisaBracha to Rabbi Shmuel Salant

SeferIshEmunim, homilies, by Rabbi Yaacov ShaulElyashar – the YisaBracha. Jerusalem, 1888. In the inside cover is a leaf of a printed dedication from the author, filled out in the handwriting of the author to "The Rabbi the famous gaon Rabbi Nahorai Rabbi Shmuel Salant". 146 leaves. A few worming holes on the binding. Overall condition: Very Good.
Item sold at $200 Starting at $200
LOT: 138

SeferShnot Eliyahu, Altona, 1842. The Copy of Rabbi Shmuel Salant including Handwriting Glosses

The book Shnot Eliyahu on the order of Zeraim by Rabbi Eliyahu of Vilna. Altona, 1842. On the title page of the book are two ownership stamps of Rabbi Shmuel Salant Rabbi of Jerusalem. In the book are several handwritten glosses in handwriting, apparently in the handwriting of Rabbi Shmuel Salant. 38 leaves. Worming holes. Overall condition: Very Good.
Item sold at $250 Starting at $250
LOT: 139

A Collection of 2 Books with a Dedication of Rabbi Shalom Mashash to Rabbi Goren

1. Tevuot Shemesh – Responsa, by Rabbi Shalom Mashash when he was chief rabbi of Jerusalem. In the Alfa printing press, Jerusalem, 1981. On the second page is a dedication in the handwriting and signature of Rabbi Mashash "To our great friend… the great luminary, famous throughout the Jewish diaspora, Rabbi Shlomo Goren the Chief Rabbi of Israel". | 2. Responsa MishpatimYesharim, by Rabbi Rafael Birdogo. Second edition by Rabbi Mashash. On the second page is a correction in his handwriting. On the leaf before the title page is a dedication in his handwriting and with his signature: "To our friend the great and famous gaon Rabbi Shlomo Goren with great honor and glory". | Rabbi Shalom Mashash [1909-2003], the Chief Rabbi of Morocco, immigrated to Israel in 1978 at the initiative and upon the request of Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef. He served as chief rabbi of Jerusalem until his death in 2003. Wrote many books of halacha and Aggadah, and was considered the most important halachic adjudicator in Moroccan Jewry in the 20th century. | Rabbi Shlomo Goren [1917-1994], the chief rabbi of the IDF and later the chief rabbi of Israel. | Sizes and conditions vary. Overall condition: Good.
Item sold at $100 Starting at $100
LOT: 140

A Collection of 2 Books with a Dedication, and a Letter from Rabbi Moshe Malka Rabbi of Petach Tikva to Rabbi Goren

1. Nitfei Chaim – Sermons from Rabbi Moshe Malka. In HaMa'arav Printing Press, Jerusalem, 1973. With a dedication in his handwriting: "To the great Gaon Rabbi Shlomo Goren the Chief Rabbi of the State of Israel". | 2. Mikveh HaMayim – Responsa, by Rabbi Moshe Malka. Published by Haktav Institute, Jerusalem, 1984. With a dedication in his handwriting and his signature. 3. A letter on official letterhead in the handwriting and with the signature of Rabbi Moshe Malka, dated: 5th Tammuz 1985, to Rabbi Goren. Rabbi Moshe Malka [1911-1997], rabbi of the communities of Larache, Ksar el-Kbir and Arcila in Northern Morocco. After immigrating to Israel he served as the Sephardi chief rabbi of Petach Tikva and as a member of the Council of the Chief Rabbinate. | Rabbi Shlomo Goren [1917-1994], the Chief Rabbi of the IDF and subsequently the Chief Rabbi of Israel. | Sizes and conditions vary. Overall condition: Good.
Starting at $100
LOT: 141

The Book Moadei Yisrael by Rabbi Goren – With Thousands of Glosses and Corrections in his Handwriting

The book Moadei Yisrael, by Rabbi Goren. The book explains the Jewish festivals from a halachic, historical, mystic and philosophical perspective. Published by Yediot Achronot, Israel, 1993. With thousands of glosses and corrections in the handwriting of Rabbi Goren, in preparation for the next edition of the book. On the page after the title page is an anthology to understand the glosses. | Rabbi Shlomo Goren [1917-1994], the chief rabbi of the IDF and subsequently the Chief Rabbi of Israel. In his youth he studied in the "Etz Chaim" Talmud Torah, where he was known as a prodigy. At the age of 12 he began to study in the Chevron Yeshiva in Jerusalem (an extremely rare phenomenon considering his young age). During the War of Independence he was appointed by Ben Gurion as Chief Rabbi of the IDF, and served in this position from the establishment of the State until 1971, and then as Chief Rabbi of Israel. | [12], 364 leaves. 23 cm. Overall condition: Very good.
Item sold at $325 Starting at $120
LOT: 142

Collection, 3 Books of the Zohar with Stamps and Glosses –16th and 18th Centuries. Blemished

1. The book of the Zohar on the book of Bereishit, ownership inscriptions and stamp. 255 [11] leaves. 2. The book of Zohar on the book of Bereishit, with many glosses in oriental handwriting. 1515. | 251, 18 leaves. 3. The book of the Zohar on the books of: Vayikra, Bamidbar and Devarim. A separate title page for the book of Bamidbar. In the printing press of Yonah son of Yaacov Kustandina, 1736. Ownership inscriptions and rabbinical signatures in oriental handwriting. 308 leaves. Sizes and conditions vary. Overall condition: Fair – Poor.
Starting at $200
LOT: 143

Collection, 2 Diaries of Rabbi Goren – A Fascinating Historical Document

A collection of 2 diaries of the Chief Rabbi of Israel Rabbi Shlomo Goren, which list all his meetings between the years 1977-1981. In the diaries we get a glimpse into the full schedule into the person in the one of the high-ranking positions in the State of Israel, the Chief Rabbi and Head of the Rabbinic Courts, and of one of the most controversial figures in the ultra-orthodox and wider community. Rabbi Goren was initially a part of the ultra-orthodox community and studied in the most prestigious and conservative institutions, and was eventually completely ostracized by the ultra-orthodox establishment in the case of the "Brother and Sister Controversy" and other cases. In the diaries, among other things, are his meetings with the heads of state and the army and the topics of the meetings. On the other hand, there are also records of his meetings with the ultra-orthodox establishment, who externally denigrated him in notices and placards but also meet with him and asked for his help from time to time. A fascinating historical document. | [2] diaries with hundreds of pages. Sizes and conditions vary. Overall condition: Good.
Item sold at $300 Starting at $300
LOT: 144

Manuscript, America, Early 20th Century

Manuscript, in scribal handwriting, on which a thousand names, of both married couples and individuals are immortalized. Their first names, surnames and place of residence. The commemorations are from between the years: 1944-1950. America, early 20th century. | 74 written pages. 32x21 cm. Overall condition: Good.
Item sold at $650 Starting at $300
LOT: 145

Manuscript – Donations – Early 20th Century

A manuscript, a large bound ledger with tabs in the order of the English alphabet. Some ten thousand names of donors, their addresses, the amount of the contribution and the date. The text is in Hebrew and in a foreign language. | 299 pages. 35 cm. Overall condition: Good.
Starting at $300
LOT: 146

Manuscript, Zion L'Nefesh – Memorial Book, U.S.A., Early 20th Century

A manuscript, Zion L'Nefesh, a commemoration for the gabbais and members who were written in the SeferHamapilim in their lifetime. The names of the people who died between circa 1910-1940and their burial places are recorded in handwriting. The memorial book contains records of thousands of deceased people. America, early 20th century. | 10-392 leaves. 28x22 cm. Overall condition: Good.
Item sold at $550 Starting at $500
LOT: 147

Collection of Manuscripts by Rabbi Chananya Zohar

1. A bound book which contains 156 leaves, written by hand in Rashi script and deals with homilies on the weekly Torah portions and other matters. At the top of the manuscript is a colophon and in its margins "This is my work Chananya Zohar". | 2. Within the pages of the book are dozens of different-sized leaves, also in the author's handwriting. | 3. Notebook, with Torah novaelle of the author. | Sizes and conditions vary. Overall condition: Good.
Item sold at $170 Starting at $150
LOT: 148

A Manuscript and Homilies and References in Ladino, by Rabbi Avraham Korkaidi, 18/19th Century

A manuscript, in ink on high-quality paper, in semi-scribal handwriting in Ladino. The first part of homilies on the Torah, and the second part are references to all parts of Maimonides's 'YadChazaka'. In the handwriting of Rabbi Avraham Korkidi, one of the sages and rabbis of the city of Izmir. The manuscript was written in the 18th and 19th centuries, some of the handwritten homilies are dated: "A homily I wrote…23rd Tammuz 1773" "Upon the marriage of my brother-in-law the great sage Yosef HaCohen1733 to the portion of Ki Tetzei", "a homily I wrote in Constantinople on 27th of the month of Nissan 1733", "A homily I wrote… within the year for the sister-in-law the wife of Yosef YeshoshuaGukra… on 15th Iyar 1871" "A homily I composed… Rabbi David Azan 1842". The author even mentions his father-in-law and his son in the manuscript (see more about them below). "My son the clever and important young man Chaim Moshe Korkaidi…a homily composed by my father-in-law Rabbi Chaim MosheHaCohen". | Rabbi Avraham Korkodi, one of the sages of Izmir, a disciple of Rabbi Chaim Palagiwho even mentions him in his book 'NishmatKol Chai' (part II omission from page 100). His son Rabbi Chaim MosheKorkodi, known as 'Moreinu' was also one of the sages of Izmir and author of the book 'Moshe Eved' with the approbations of Rabbi Avraham Palagi, who wrote about him: "Rabbi Chaim Moshe is a great author… and it was all consumed by fire, and this is the last remnant and is a miniscule amount". Rabbi Avraham Korkodi's father-in-law – who is also mentioned in the manuscript – Rabbi Chaim Moshe HaCohen was also among the sages of Izmir. | Original binding, front is detached, back is missing. Leather spines. First leaves are detached. Worming holes. Water signs. | Enclosed is signed confirmation ofthe manuscript expert Rabbi Shimon Schwartz about identification of the manuscript. | [173] leaves. Overall condition: Fair – Good 29x23 cm.
Item sold at $2000 Starting at $400
LOT: 149

A Manuscript of a Transcript of the Book Otzrot Chaim, with Never-Printed Glosses by the Kabbalists Rabbi Avraham Azulai and Rabbi Avraham Ibn Mussa – Morocco – Tunisia –1740's

A manuscript of a transcript of the book Otzarot Chaim, the teachings of the Ari from Rabbi Chaim Vital, with never-printed glosses by the Kabbalists: Rabbi Avraham Ibn Mussa in the name of his rabbi Rabbi Yaacov Maragi, and Rabbi Avraham Azulai. Morocco, circa 1740's. The book Otzarot Chaim was edited by Rabbi Yaacov Tzemach and it contains the sederha'atzilut as Rabbi Chaim Vital heard from his rabbi the Ari. As the book does not contain the full sederha'atzilut–the Kabbalists in Morocco re-edited it and integrated several she'arim from the book MevoShe'arim into it. In the pages of the manuscript before us are glosses of the foremost Kabbalists in Morocco in the 1740's, Rabbi Avraham Azulai (died in 1741) – who was one of the teachers of Rabbi Shalom Buzaglo author of MikdashMelech on the Zohar and Rabbi Avraham Ibn Mussa(died in 1743)–a disciple of Rabbi Yaacov Maragi. Their glosses are signed with the initials A.A. [Avraham Azulai] and "Ab"m" [Avraham Ben Mussa]. The Chida relates about Rabbi Avraham Ibn Mussa (in the book Shem Hagedolim) that he had arguments about Kabbalah with the Rabbi Avraham Azulai…as can be seen in their glosses to the book Otzrot Chaim". From this it appears that the debate between the pair can be can be seen from their glosses. Some of their glosses were printed in the Livorno edition, but the printed glosses do not attest to any dispute between them. However, in Ginzei Meir Banyahu an entire booklet appearsin which the glosses of Rabbi Avraham Azulai and Rabbi Avraham Ibn Mussa were printed. These glosses were copied out separately, not on the pages of the book Otzrot Chaim, and contain glosses not printed in the Livorno edition, and indeed disputes and disagreements between the two sages appear in them (see: M. Benayahu, Rabbi Avraham Ibn MussaU'bno Rabbi Moshe: M'RosheiHamedabrimB'KabbalatHa'AriB'Tzfon Africa, sefer Michael H, Tel Aviv 1978, pages 22-24). Some of these glosses were printed prior to the1844 Livorno edition as a separate booklet within the book Makom Binah, Salonika 1813, but there too the glosses were not printed in full. In the manuscript before us the glosses of the aforementioned sagesappear in full, but here they are in their place on the pages of the book – each gloss in the place it refers to, and here too the arguments the Chida refers to appear. 282 pages, pleasant handwriting, 20 cm. Old slightly blemished leather binding, partially detached, detached leaves. Stains and water stains. Very slight worming holes. Overall condition: Good.
Item sold at $2500 Starting at $2500
LOT: 150

Manuscript, the Book She'arYashuv in the Handwriting of Rabbi ShmuelShmelke of Krakow. Autograph – 1740. A Historical Discovery

A manuscript, a complete book ready for print. Appears never to have been published. The book is in the handwriting of Rabbi Shmuel Shmelke of Krakow. At the beginning of the book is a colophon which explains the content of the book in rhyme, and at the end: "The author's name is in the introduction which appears immediately after the colophon. And it is slightly by way of trickery". The book is a commentary on the Five Books of the Torah and the Megillot, on four levels. Rabbi David Shmuel ShmelkeShidlov of Krakow. A great and famous genius in his time, appointed as Rabbi of Khmylnik in 1729 and as Rabbi of Krakow in 1732, where they made his life difficult and argued with him. He died in 1751. His son Rabbi Moshe Mendel of Krakow (OtzarHaRabbanum 5224). Originalbinding reinforced with sellotape. Worming marks. | [4], 121 leaves. 22x18 cm. Confirmation of the expert Shimon Schwartz is enclosed with the manuscript. Overall condition: Good.
Item sold at $11000 Starting at $5000