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09.07.2018 - Auction 19


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LOT: 051

Lot: crown for a pure silver talit, and tefillin with hand-painted wooden case - 19th century.

1. Pair of tefillin made from leather, with straps. Wooden case with velvet on the inside for maximal protection. Illustrated in black ink. Given in a green case with embroidery of flowers and the year they were written -1896. Condition: Good, kashrut not checked. 2. Atara for a Tallit, made of intertwining work of pure silver threads, floral shapes. Length: 67cm, width: 7.5cm. Weight: 32g.
Starting at $100
LOT: 052

Yad for a sefer torah made of ivory, Europe, beginning of the 20th century.

Engraving and carving work, the finger is made of copper. Length: 22.5cm. Very good condition.
Item sold at $300 Starting at $300
LOT: 053

Large and handsome yad, made of silver with filigree work. Europe, beginning of the 20th century.

35cm long. Weight: 66g. Defects and light knocks, generally good condition.
Starting at $250
LOT: 054

Silver Yad for a sefer torah, Russia 1894.

Engraving work with 2 small gemstones. Zolotnik 84, 1894. Length: 25cm. Weight: 75g. Generally very good condition.
Starting at $250
LOT: 055

Decoration for an Aron Kodesh, copper, in five pieces. Israel, 20th century.

Decorated with hammer and engraving work. Size: 135x15cm. Two pieces decorated with lions around vines and the dedication: “In memory of Chananya Azoulay bar Isa.” Dimensions of each: 50x27cm. Two pieces in the shape of the tablets, decorated by hammer work and engraving of the Ten Commandments. 36x21cm each. Light defects, generally good condition.
Item sold at $100 Starting at $100
LOT: 056

Decoration of wood for an Aron Kodesh for the Abir Yaakov, Rabbi Yaakov Abuhatzira. Israel, 20th century.

With a shiviti at the top. The center has the tablets with the Ten Commandments. At the bottom is a dedication to the Abir Yaakov. Size: 90x82cm. Light defects, generally good condition.
Item sold at $160 Starting at $100
LOT: 057

Case for a sefer torah made of tin. Israel, 20th century.

In the center is a pair of Stars of David and the gilded inscription “Torat Hashem Temima.” Height: 70cm. Suitable for a sefer torah of 58cm. Generally good condition.
Starting at $100
LOT: 058

Large, handsome silver cup. Germany, 20th century.

Decorated with engraving work, inscription at the top “Zachor v’Shamor.” Stamped 925. Stands on three spherical legs. Height: 11cm. Diameter: 7.5cm. Weight: 172g. Light knocks, mainly to the legs, welding on two of them. Generally good condition.
Starting at $400
LOT: 059

Set with a designed cup and plate – handmade, stamped silver.

925 stamped sterling, with a hammered texture. Modern, minimalistic design, double asymmetric cone shape, sitting on a silver ball. The inside of the cup is gilded. Stamped by the artist Nadav Jr. Plate: matching, square design rounded at the edges. Stamped, made in Italy. Height of the cup: 16cm. Diameter: 7cm. Plate: 16x16cm. Total weight: 364g. Very good condition.
Starting at $600
LOT: 060

Set, large silver cup with five smaller cups – Israel, 1950s.

Silver with filigree work and gemstones. The large cup has a hexagonal shape, rests on a leg with a broad and special base. | Soldering is broken in part of the base of the big cup and one of the small cups. Total weight: 275g. Generally ok condition.
Item sold at $150 Starting at $150
LOT: 061

Crown for a sefertorah, copper plated in silver—Betzalel style. Israel, beginning of the 20th century.

Decorated with embossed reliefs, cutting work, hammering, and engraving. The crown bears three levels: the top has a Star of David above a smaller crown decorated with engraving work of plants and flowers. The second level has an embossing and welding of plants, grapevines, and grapes. The lower level is decorated with an embossing and engraving of bouquets and plants. 12 bells. Height: 40cm. Diameter: 27cm. Light defects. Generally good condition.
Starting at $700
LOT: 062

Plaque with an amulet in the style of a mezuzah, silver, Europe 20th century.

Sawing, relief work, and engraving. In the center is an inscription “Shema Yisrael…” and the first paragraph of Shema. The bottom has a Star of David, the top has a crown. Stamped 800. Width: 18cm. Height: 25cm. Total weight: 515g. Generally good condition.
Starting at $900
LOT: 063

Ner Zikaron, copper, for a synagogue. Morocco, beginning of the 20th century.

In the center is a Star of David. Height: 20cm. Good condition.
Starting at $100
LOT: 064

Ner Shel Shabbat, cutting work. Silver, North Africa, 19th century.

In the center is a cut inscription “Ner Shel Shabbat Kodesh.” The middle plate can slide out, for an oil candle. Height: 25cm, width: 14cm. Weight: 538g. Very good condition.
Starting at $1200
LOT: 065

Pair of silver candlesticks. Germany, end of the 19th century/beginning of the 20th.

Decorated with engravings. At the bottom are 4 legs with embossing of grapevines. Stamps of a crown and moon, 800. Height: 35cm. Total weight: 547g. Good condition.
Starting at $600
LOT: 066

Channukiyah/Shabbat candlestick, silver, Israel, 1950s.

2 stems, silver stamped 925, decorated with filigree work, with a matching bridge that turns the candlestick into a channukiyah. Probably Betzalel work, Israel 1950s. 22x16.5cm. Weight: 164g. Very good condition.
Item sold at $130 Starting at $100
LOT: 067

Channukiyah, cutting work, metal with golden covering. 20th century.

In the center is a Star of David, Two Tablets with a crown, on either side are 2 menorot with peacocks. Stands on 2 legs with figures of lions. Height: 23cm. Width: 18.5cm. Generally good condition.
Item sold at $300 Starting at $300
LOT: 068

Pretty channukiyah, Tetuan – Morocco. End of the 19th century.

Oil channukiyah for hanging, casting work and engraving by hand of birds, menorah, plants, and two columns. Extremely rare. Missing the shamash, height: 33cm. Generally good condition.
Item sold at $750 Starting at $250
LOT: 069

Lot of 2 ketubot for Shavuot on parchment, Tetuan, Morocco. 1934. Extremely rare.

“Ketuba” for Shavuot for each day of the chag. With verses related to the Torah. The author, Rabbi Chaviv Toledano (probably the 3rd), was born in 1800 in Mekhnes and authored the Pesach Haggadah “Peh Yesharim” (Livorno 1838), “Terumat HaKodesh” (Livorno 1861), and Derech Emunah—tshuvot on faith, and many other books that were not printed. Authored piyyutim for holidays. Total of 2 parchment pieces, size 44x54cm. Stains, generally good condition.
Item sold at $1500 Starting at $1500
LOT: 070

Ketubah on paper, al-Qasr al-Kabir – Morocco, 1930.

Northeast Morocco. 22.5x33cm. Stains, light defects in the margins, generally ok to good condition.
Item sold at $1200 Starting at $120
LOT: 071

Prayer page before and after war – Amsterdam, 20th century.

Divided into four pages, with Psalm 130, Hebrew and Dutch translation facing one another. Above it is the instruction: “From the time of the war at the end of 1939 say.” The prayer “Acheinu Kol Beit Yisrael” with Dutch translation facing, with instruction: “After the decree of 1939 it should be said every Shabbat and Yom Tov. Also Psalm 121. Printed by E. Mozes Azn. Signs of folding, tears in the folds. No missing text. 4 pages, 22x14cm each.
Starting at $100
LOT: 072

Lot of 2 copies of a receipt letter in gilded ink – Jerusalem, 19th century.

With room for adding the name of the donor, the amount, and the receiver. With illustrations of holy places in Israel. Two copies, folded, 29x23cm. Different conditions, generally ok to good.
Starting at $100
LOT: 073

Lot of 5 calendars. Israel-India. 1997-2008.

3 identical from 1997, one from 2001, one from 2008. Ok to good condition.
Starting at $100
LOT: 074

Advertisement for a Jewish Doctor – Warsaw

An advertisement leaf in Yiddish for a Jewish doctor who is coming to Warsaw to see patients. On the advertising leaf the doctor relates that he has recommendations from the foremost rabbis, and from people he healed from various illnesses. At the end of the leaf is a handwritten addition about the place he will see his patients. | Fold marks. A slight tear on the fold. | 8x10 cm. Overall condition: Fair – Good.
Starting at $100
LOT: 075

Chalitza File of a Widow of a Soldier Killed in the Yom Kippur War – A Shocking Document

A file which contains hundreds of documents regarding one of the most complex cases. One of the casualties of the Yom Kippur War who died childless, and according to Jewish law his wife required chalitza from his brother. The problem was that the brother lived in Germany and was married to a non-Jew and blamed the wife for causing his brothers death by not agreeing to leave Israel and move to Germany. The file follows the attempts made over two years of the young widow trying to continue her life and release herself from the shackles of being an agunah. It contains minutes of the discussions in the Rabbinical Court, the decisions of the Dayanim, investigations carried out in Israel and Germany, the hostile letters of the brother from Germany ["you are a murderer", "may you and your entire family be cursed", "you won't escape from me", "don't bring about a situation where I will come to you unless you want your fate to be sealed" and other such gems]. The prosecutor's clever trick, to release her without the brother performing chalitza. The file also contains evidence of the happy end – a signed marriage certificate to her new husband, a marriage which was conducted secretly. The case was heard in the highest-ranking court and the rulings bear the signatures of the two chief rabbis: Shapiro and Goren. | Sizes and conditions vary. Overall condition: Good.
Item sold at $130 Starting at $120