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Auction No. 9 - 06.04.2016

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LOT: 076

"Hak L'Yisrael," Lemberg 1788—2 cover pages, signatures.

5th section on the Chumash, Book of Deuteronomy. Published by Shlomo Yarish Rapaport, this edition was the first book of the Hak L'Yisrael printed. 2 cover pages, the first with a special engraving of a tree and writing in the local language. Second is detailed in Hebrew. 246 page. Old leather binding (Winograd Lemberg 37). On the cover page and the page before are signatures of ownership in Sefardi handwriting. David becher Aharon Hait—maybe Rav David Hait, rabbi of Salonika. Additional signature. Generally good condition, stains, defects, and wear.
Item sold at $100 Starting at $100
LOT: 077

Lot of 4 books bound together. Copy of the Gaon Rabbi Haim Berlin.

1. "Sha'arei Teshuva," of Rabbeinu Yona, Warsaw 1848. 2. "Mesilat Yesharim" of the Ramchal, Warsaw 1852. 3. "Birkat HaNehenin," and Netilat Yadim" by Admor Rabbi Schneor Zalman Maladi, Warsaw 1844, 4. "Tzva'ot," by Rabbi Naftali Katz, Warsaw 1844. Books bound together, with stamps of ownership of the Gaon Rabbi Haim Berlin. Condition depends on the work, ok to good condition. Moth damage.
Item sold at $110 Starting at $100
LOT: 078

"Moreh Nevuchim" with commentary of Narbuni, Zultzbach 1800.

Studies on the existence of God and his unity, and the composition of the world, Genesis, and the meaning of prophecy, by the Rambam, with two commentaries, one called "Narbuni" from the name of the compiler, the Kabbalist and philosopher Moshe Narbuni, and an additional one called "Givat HaMoreh," on the first section, by Rav Shlomo Maimon, and on sections 2-3 by Rav Yitzhak Stanov. Zultzbach. 3 sections bound together, with separate cover pages. Additional cover page in Latin. Listing and signatures of ownership from 1879. Excellent condition.
Item sold at $100 Starting at $100
LOT: 079

Offenbach Five Books of Moses, from 1808-9. Nice set.

Five volumes, with Targum Unkelus, Rashi's commentary, exegesis and Ashkenazi translation. With the exacting gloss according to the Tikkun Sofrim of Rav Itzik Premisla, with exegesis by Moshe Mendelson. With the order of haftarot and the 5 megillot. Excellent condition, original binding. Size 20cm. Signatures and stamps in the local language.
Starting at $400
LOT: 080

Sefer HaMaharil, Offenbach 1730. Old signatures.

Minhagim of the Ashkenaz, by Rabbi Yaakov ben Moshe HaLevi,with chiddushim of rabbis in older books, with some traditions and actions typical of Frankfurt and Agapi. With chiddushim by Rabbi Hertz Levi, rabbi of Frankfurt. Amsterdam lettering. With indices at the end of the book. 89 pages (Winograd 81). Pocket sized, 17cm. Interior of the binding has many signatures of ownership in Ashkenazi handwriting from 1770. Light stains.
Starting at $150
LOT: 081

Sefer “HaMekaneh” with the book “Mahaneh Levi,” Offenbach, 1801—first edition, nice copy.

The book is the second section of the book “Hafla’ah,” chiddushei halachot and aggadot on Masechet Kiddushin, by Rav Pinhas ben Tzvi Hirsh Horwitz, known as the “Hafla’ah” because of his book. Bound with the book “Mahaneh Levi,” chiddushim and pilpulim on the Shas by his son, HaRav Tzvi Hirsh Horwitz. Rare. (5) 256. (1) 98 (1) page. (Winograd Offenbach 150, 151). Ancient signature of ownership on the cover page, copy is pretty in generally good condition, there are light moth marks and stains.
Item sold at $160 Starting at $120
LOT: 082

“Pitaron Halomot” (Interpreting Dreams) Zhovkva 1853.

Interpretations of every type of dream based upon the Gemara, Masechet Brachot, Perek HaRo’eh, and according to articles scattered throughout other masechtot of the Shas, and from the Zohar, and more. By Rav Shlomo Elmooli. 104 pages, size 18cm. Signature of ownership on the cover page, handwritten “Avraham Gilatchvichy.” Good condition.
Starting at $100
LOT: 083

"Artzot HaHaim" of the Malbim" Breslev 1837—first edition. Rare.

Divided into three sections, "Lev HaAretz" on the language of the Shulchan Aruch and the Rama, "Meir La'Aretz" on places in the Shulchan Aruch and the Rama, "Eretz Yehuda," exegeses through pilpul on the Shulchan Aruch. By Gaon Rabbi Meir Leibush Malabim. Only book of the Malbim on Halacha. The Gaon HaMalbim lived 1809-1880, a sage of his generation, would attack the Maskilim of his generation and was even exiled for it, he left his literary life as a result and spent his whole life commentating on the Bible. (4) 119 (2) page. At the start of the book are important endorsements, that of the Hatam Sofer included. Size 20cm. Excellent condition. Thick, quality pages, old cloth binding with spine and corners from leather. Special engraving of the Kotel and Jerusalem. Bound with "Chamudei Daniel," Vilna 1877. Ok condition.
Item sold at $150 Starting at $150
LOT: 084

“Segulot Yisrael,” Munkatch 1905. First edition.

“Segulot Yisrael,” also called “Sefer HaHayyim.” Segulot from various collections and editions organized alphabetically. By Rav Shabtai Lifshitz. 8. 160. Pages. Important books of segulot in excellent condition.
Item sold at $130 Starting at $100
LOT: 085

"Minhat Yaakov" in two sections, to Rabbi Yaakov of Lisa. Polna 1802.

Exegesis on Torat Hatat of the Rama, with "Torat HaShlemim" on halachot of Nida and Q&A. By Gaon Rabbi Yaakov bar Yosef Risher of Lisa, the Khak Yaakov, on the Shulchan Aruch. (1) 59, (1) 30 page. Size 37cm. At the end are words from the compiler, and those of the compiler's father, praising him. Stamp of ownership. Good condition, stains and defects restored.
Starting at $100
LOT: 086

“Simhat Levav” Chkalov 1803, first edition, with letters printed from Admorim of Slonim and Gur against reading external books and newspapers.

On the book “Hovot HaLevavot” by Rabbi Haim Avraham Katz of Mahlov. Rare. (6) 130, 92 page. 20cm (Winograd 126). At the start of the book are important endorsements. The compiler, Rav Haim Avraham Katz, the “Maggid Meisharim,” compiled “Pat Lehem,” printed until today as one of the foundational exegeses on the book “Hovot HaLevavot,” from whom was also printed “Milhama b’Shalom,” (Chkalov 1797), on the argument between Yosef and his brothers, that succeeded in being published for many editions and was even translated into Yiddish and Ladino. Next to the internal binding there are two printed letters glued into the book, by the Admor of Slonim from 1930 and the Admor of Gur, The Sfat Emet, from 1903, on the prohibition against reading newspapers and external books. The cover page has a nice engraving of a tree with two lions, ok to good condition, moth damage, light stains, half-leather, old binding.
Starting at $150
LOT: 087

Lot of 2 books of questions and answers from Sadilkov printing, with nice cover pages and binding with an oil illustration.

1. Q&A from the Ram Alsheech, Sadilkov 1834, Good condition. Lone bits of moth damage, new binding made from an oil painting, Jews at the Kotel. 2. "Givat Shaul," 112 Q&A by Gaon Rabbi Shaul Avdak Lumza, Sadilkov 1834, second edition. Good condition. The two books have a similar cover page, with a handsome architectural frame with lions and plants. Writing in red ink, stamp of ownership, Eliezer Binyamin Beinish Mintz. Size 38cm.
Starting at $120
LOT: 088

"Zvachei Tzedek," Redelheim, 1857, with handwritten question and answer.

Halachot of shechita and inspections, in Hebrew and local tongue, by Rav Yitzhak ben Aryeh Yosef Dov. Exegeses. At the start of the book is a signature in Ashkenazi handwriting, Yisrael bar Yitzhak. Q&A also on the laws of shechita, Ashkenazi handwriting, mostly in Yiddish, at the end is the signature of "Hayim Gershon bar Yitzhak." Generally good condition, stains and wear.
Starting at $120
LOT: 089

Set of books in Yiddish

1. “Kahal Chassidim” Lemberg, 1912. 2. “Tiferet Yisrael,” Przemyśl 1840s 3. “Hadarat Eliyahu,” the Vilna Gaon, Jerusalem 1912. 4. “Niflaot HaShem” Warsaw 1924. 5. “Or Tzadikim” Lublin, 1928. 6. Tzidkat HaTzadikim,” Warsaw 1924. 7. “Der Schpaler Seide” Lodj, 1919. 8. “Emet v’Emunah” Warsaw 1927. 9. “Oiv Zav Klomershatt” Warsaw 1924. Missing a number of pages. In total, 9 books bound together. Similar sizes.
Starting at $100
LOT: 090

“Eglei Tal” of the Gaon of Sochatchov, Pietrekov, 1905—first edition.

First section, includes “exegesis on halachot of Shabbat on the malachot.” By the Gaon Avraham Burnstein of Sochatchov. (3) 138, (1) page. Cover page with engraving in red ink, signatures of ownership in Ashkenazi handwriting. Excellent condition.
Item sold at $100 Starting at $100
LOT: 091

“Ma’amar Esther” of Rabbi Shlomo Kluger. Barady 1912, first edition.

“An edition which, from start to finish, is full of nice things, strength and expertise juxtaposed together, with exegeses and foundational notes on Megillat Esther.” By the Rabbi of Israel, HaGaon Rabbi Shlomo Kluger, published by his son Rabbi Avraham Binyamin Kluger. Bound with the book “Divrei Emet,” dear drashot that Rabbi Yosef Asher Hernberg gave. Przemyśl, 1911. Excellent condition.
Starting at $100
LOT: 092

“Shnei Lukhot HaBrit,” Ostroh 1806, 2 volumes with leather binding.

By Rabbi Yeshaya HaLevi Horwitz, the Holy Shla. With the book “Vey HaAmudim,” of his son Rabbi Sheptil Sagal Horwitz. Brought to the printing house by Rabbi Issachar Be’eri, son of Haim Tzvi of Slavita, printed in two separate volumes: Volume 1. (3) 2-240 page. Volume 2: (1) 341-385, 36 page. Leather binding, signatures and stamps of ownership. Ok to good condition. Moth damage, wear on the bindings.
Item sold at $140 Starting at $120
LOT: 093

"Chumash Derech Slula" Furth 1803. Illustrated cover page, with prayers for Shabbat.

With rashi's commentary, Targum Onkelus, and Ashkenazi translation, Tikkun Sofrim, haftarot, and megillat Kohelet. Two cover pages, first is illustrated with the figures of Moshe and Aaron, hawks and ravens. Special cover for the haftarot. Special cover page for Shabbat prayers. With engraving of the castor oil plant of Yonah at the end of the Yonah haftarah. Listings from the Furth community and others in Germany. (4) 176, 20 page. Some of the pages are green. 24cm. Generally good condition, wear and stains. New binding.
Starting at $100
LOT: 094

"Mishlei Sho'alim," Prague 1767

108 parables in conversations on animals, living creatures, birds, with rhymes, by Rabbi Brachiya HaNakdan bar Naturnai. With Yiddish translation by Rav Yaakov Kopelman. Cover page with a handsome and special engraving (defective). Good condition, missing the last 5 pages.
Item sold at $100 Starting at $100
LOT: 095

"Eshel Avraham," Frankfurt am Mein, 1747, only edition.

Chiddushim on Masechtot HaShas, by Gaon Rabbi Avraham Broda, with glosses "Ohel Moshe," from his son Rabbi Moshe Broda. At the start of the book are important endorsements. Rabbi Avraham Broda, rabbi of Frankfurt after Rav Naftali Katz, founded the yeshiva gedola in which sages studied, such as Rav Yona Lansdofer, the "Me'il Tzedaka." Published by his grandson Rav Shu'al Broda. (2) 200 page (Winograd 501). Not bound, generally ok to good condition, moth damage and defects. Signatures of ownership.
Item sold at $100 Starting at $100
LOT: 096

"Sha'agat Aryeh" Noyavit 1736, first edition.

Q&A from Rav Aryeh Yehuda Leib, with "Kol Shachal" Q&A by Rav Avraham Natan Neta. Rare. 40 pages, size 19cm. Important endorsements at the start of the book. Excellent condition.
Item sold at $170 Starting at $120
LOT: 097

“Hosen Yeshuot,” Navidvor, 1808—only edition.

Extremely deep chiddushim and pilpulim on Masechtot Yevamot and Baba Batra, by the Gaon Rabbi Yitzhak Meizlash, descendent of the Rama, Bach, and more. (1) 60. 2-57 page. Good condition. Wear. Stamps of ownership of the Rabbi Yosef Shlomo Zevin.
Item sold at $100 Starting at $100
LOT: 098

Sefer “Mishneh Torah” of the Rambam, Kushta 1509—very rare.

Sections on science, love, times. With Maimon glosses, and the Maggid Mishnah. Objections of the Ra’avad. Printed by the brothers David and Shmuel Nechemias. (Winograd Kushta 12). 44, (1) 56, 176, 20 pages. (attaching detailed pages of bibliography about this edition). A number of pages have handwritten glosses. Copy is missing the cover page until page 2 (inclusive), and pages 113, 128, and the last page. Page 3 with defects. The rest in good condition.
Item sold at $2000 Starting at $2000
LOT: 099

Chiddushei Baba Batra of the Ramban. Bombirgi printing, 1523—nice copy.

Ramban's chiddushim on Masechet Baba Batra, Venice 1523, printed by Daniel Bombirgi. 109 pages. The original book was printed with the pamphlet "Dina d'Germi" with a separate cover page, the copy before us is missing that. (Winograd 74). Good condition, thick, quality pages, in very rare condition. Stains and light defects on the first pages, not significant. Old leather binding. 26cm. Signatures of ownership in Italian handwriting.
Starting at $2800
LOT: 100

Masechet Nedarim, printed by Daniel Bombirgi, Venice 1523—rare.

With Rashi's commentary and Tosafot, Volume 19 in the Talmud Bavli printed by the famous printer Daniel Bombirgi. 96, 25 pages. Size 36cm. This copy is missing the cover page and first page, added with photocopies from similar paper. Good condition, water stains, restored. New binding.
Starting at $6000