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Auction No. 9 - 06.04.2016

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LOT: 051

23 items from North Africa—pictures and booklets.

Important and rare lot of 23 items from North Africa. Some are rare booklets, some are pictures of rabbis. Picture of the Rahag, Ephraim Nakawa, riding a lion, with the writing "a day will come and the Rabbi will come to Tlemcen on a lion, in whose mouth will be a snake." Additional pictures of some tsaddikim and rabbis from Morocco. Number of pamphlets and booklets printed in Morocco, Paris, Djerba, by rabbis of Morocco. "Chesed v'Emet," by Rav Yismach Ovadia, Djerba 1938. "Siman Bracha l'Rosh Hashanah" Casabalanca 1961. "Keren Meshicho" haftara for the eighth day of Pesach, with commentary in Arabic, Tunis 1910. "Yismach Tzaddik" by Rav Yismach, Casabalanca 1940. "Chesed v'Emet" in Ladino, Istanbul 1953. And more. Different sizes, most are in excellent condition.
Starting at $200
LOT: 052

8 items from India, booklets, invitation to a bar mitzvah.

1. Rare item, an invitation to a bar mitzvah, Bombay 1963, with picture of the boy. Printed and filled in by hand. 2. Book of slichot, Hebrew and Hindi, pages facing one another, 1935. 3. Seder Tashlich for the first day of Rosh Hashanah, Bombay 1953, good condition. 4. Book of piyyutim in Hebrew and Hindi, pages facing one another, 1913. 5. Book of slichot with Hatarat Nedarim, Bombay 1935, all in Hebrew. With signatures and listing of ownership. 6. Cloth cover with flowery embroidery, with needlepoint of the Ten Commandments, printed in the shape of the two tablets. Purple ink. With a silvery framework. 30x35cm. Special item. Additional printed items. In total, 8 items. Important and rare lot.
Item sold at $150 Starting at $150
LOT: 053

6 items in Judaeo-Arabic.

1. "Shai L'Moreh" exegeses on the Torah in Arabic, by Gaon Rabbi Shlomo Zarka and Rav Yehuda Tzermon. First section. Livorno 1854, without a cover. Ok to good condition. 2. Same book, different edition, Tunis 1930, good condition. 3. "Shabachei Pesach," piyyutim for Pesach by the sages of Fez, with translation into Arabic by Rav Shimon Shiso and Rav Moshe ben Danan, Livorno 1892. 4. "Peteshgan HAKotev," on the parshah of Breishit. Djerb 1939, signature from the Shitrit family. 5. "Ketzat Yosef v'Hanna" in Arabic. Jerusalem 1956. 6. "Et Safud" a little of Channah, Job, 10 murdered rabbis, destruction of Jerusalem. Lugassi Jerusalem. In total, 6 books, different sizes and conditions.
Starting at $100
LOT: 054

Lot of 3 books from Livorno printings, signatures and glosses.

1. "Shiva Einayim," including: chiddushim of the Ramban on the chapter on borer and the Masechet Makot, the book "HaZechut" by him, defending the halachot of Rav Elfas against the claims of the Ra'avad on Masechet Yevamot, Ketubot, and Gittin, Q&A from Yitzhak Abuhav and Rav Yitzhak ben Giyat, large argument and the answer of Rav Avraham Bolat, Livorno 1745, first edition. On the cover are signatures of ownership, marginal notes in a Mizrahi handwriting throughout the book, lone bits of moth damge. 2. "HaMachriya" 92 psakei din and chiddushim on Masechet Ta'anit by Rabbeinu Yeshaya Matrani, Livorno 1779, first edition. Signature of ownership on page 1. Missing some pages at the end, moth damage and stains. Ok condition. 3. "Chemed Elohim," study for sukkot, Livorno 1797, on the cover page is a signature, Eliyahu bar Amram Zermon. Missing a number of pages throughout and at the end.
Starting at $300
LOT: 055

"Amarot Tehorot," Livorno 1787, only edition.

By Rav Saba Kadisha Avraham Yisrael on halachot of Nedarim and Ishot and Kiddushin and Ketubah and halachot of Gittin, a huge pilpul on the Tor and Beit Yosef and the Rishonim and Achronim. (2) 306 pages (Winograd Livorno 235). Gaon Rabbi Avraham Yisrael, son of the Gaon Rabbi Moshe Yisrael of Rhodes, compiler of the "Maset Moshe," compiled also "Beit Avraham," a big composition on the Choshen Mishpat, with a long and important endorsement from the Hida, who appreciates the greatness of the compiler. Ok condition, moth damage with damage to the text. New binding, sefardi signature on the cover page.
Starting at $100
LOT: 056

"Shirei David," Livorno 1882—only edition, rare.

Rules of grammar and composition, with a number of charts of the hand, ears. By Gaon Rabbi David HaKohen of Tunis. With calendars for the ten years from 1882-1891, rosh chodesh, holidays, times, and the numbering of days and shabbatot and years for cycles, and when there are double-parshas, years of shmita, periods, etc. With the book "Divrei David," chiddushim on juxtaposition of parshas. Prophets and Writings and articles from Chazal. Unique books, important. Start of the book has many endorsements by sages of Tunis. Good condition, defect on the first cover page.
Starting at $100
LOT: 057

"Avodat Mikdash," Livorno 1777, only edition, rare.

Seder Mussaf for the Shaliach Tzibur for Yom Kippur according to Livorno custom, edited by Rav Moshe Hai Milul, with his introduction in Ladino. 49 page, 17cm (Winograd 151). List of ownership in Italian handwriting at the end of the book, stamp of ownership from Marrakesh, water stains, moth damage, mainly in the margins.
Starting at $100
LOT: 058

Collection of 18 books from North Africa

“Sharvit HaZahav,” Casablanca 1938, good condition. “Shesh Anochi” with the book “Rach v’Tov,” Casablanca 1937. Good condition. “Minchah B’Lula” Casablanca 1937. Good condition. “Dai HaShav” with the book “Em LaMasoret,” Casablanca 1950. Good condition. “Vayichacham Shlomo,” Casablanca 1955. Good condition. “Ner Mitzvah” Fez 1939. Good condition, handwritten dedication. “Shnot Haim” Dar El Beïda, 1958. Good condition. “Rakik Echad” on the Pesach Haggadah—rare. With “Anaf Shushan” Casablanca 1935. Good condition. “Heitivu Nagen,” Fez 1930. Handwritten list. Ok condition, missing the end. “Yashir Moshe,” Casablanca 1959. Good condition. “HaMalkut” Dar El Beïda, 1930, missing the title page, good condition. “Menuhat Shalom,” first section, in Judaeo-Arabic on Psalms, Susa 1935. Generally good condition, number of defective pages. “Paritz Elklov,” translation of the book “Hovat HaLevavot” into Judaeo-Arabic. Casablanca, printing year unlisted (after 1914). Good condition. Pamphlet “Et Safud” Susa 1934. Dust jacket, good condition. Pamphlet “History,” first section, in Judaeo-Arabic, Casablanca 1953. Good condition. Pamphlet “Seder Hayom,” Dar El Beïda, no year given. Pamphlet “Kol Sason,” Casablanca 1953. Pamphlet “Seder Tahara,” Casablanca 1950. In total, 18 volumes, different sizes.
Item sold at $260 Starting at $250
LOT: 059

Set of 2 important books by the Gaon Rabbi Shlomo Zarka of Tunis, first editions.

1. Psalms, with the exegesis “Menuhat Shalom,” second section, translation of the psalms to Arabic, with exegesis and commentaries in Arabic. Livorno 1875, first edition (because of the book’s rarity and its popularity it was later printed in many more editions). Good condition, original binding and pages are loose. 2. “Rina v’Yeshu’a,” second section, translation of the story of the exodus from Egpyt and the splitting of the Red Sea into Arabic, halachot of Pesach, Pirkei Avot with exegesis, cautions regarding Shavuot, the blessing of the tribes, piyyutim, Shirat Hayam, the Ten Commandments with translation into Arabic. Livorno 1862. First edition. Excellent condition, original binding. Similar sizes, 18cm.
Item sold at $120 Starting at $120
LOT: 060

Lot of 4 rare books from Tunis printings.

1. "Yeriyot Shlomo" droshim on the Torah, by Gaon Rabbi Shlomo Vazan, Rav and darshan, Kabbalist of Tunis. HaHida, who was in his city in 1773, writes of him. Tunis 1791. Only edition, good condition, binding is worn, stains. 2. "Maskeel L'David," drashot on the Torah, Prophets, and Writings, chiddushim on Halacha, masechtot of the Shas, by Gaon Rabbi David Tzabach, a dayan of Marrakesh, in 1800, Tunis 1819, only edition, excellent condition. 3. "Kiryat Arba," chiddushim on the Torah by rabbis from the Khuri family in Tunis, 4 generations, Tunis 1896, first edition, good condition, signature of ownership on the cover page in Tunisian handwriting. 4. "Ma'aseh Nisim," chiddushim on the Shulchan Aruch Orech Haim and Yoreh De'ah, chiddushim on the Tanach, by Gaon Rabbi Nissim HaKohen. Tunis 1907, good condition, missing one page at the end , added via photocopy. Similar sizes, 32cm.
Starting at $150
LOT: 061

Pamphlet "Yabi'ya Omer," first book of Maran Rav Ovadia Yosef, Jerusalem 1938, rare.

Compiled when he was 17 years old, it includes: "Chiddushei Torah in the order of the Tana'im and Amora'im on the issues of the Gemara." Written while he studied at the Porat Yosef yeshiva. This pamphlet is recognizable for his great genius on the Shas and the Rishonim and Achronim, even while he was only a student at the yeshiva. At the start of the book is the endorsement of Rav Eliyahu Lupas, teacher and rabbi of the Rav. It is known that the Rav told in one of his drashot that he would walk to yeshiva instead of taking transportation, and the money he saved he used to publish this pamphlet and the others. Excellent condition, size 14cm.
Item sold at $750 Starting at $300
LOT: 062

Set of 10 books of the Chafetz Haim, with a complete set of the Mishneh Brurah.

1. “Safra,” also called “Torat Kohanim,” first section, with “a new commentary in short, clear language,” with handwritten glosses by the Gr”a. By Rabbi Yisrael Meir HaKohen, the Chafetz Haim, Pietrekov 1911. First edition (Friedberg 651). Good condition. 2. “Chafetz Haim,” halachot on forbidding lashon hara and gossip. Vilna 1877. Second edition, with the book “Shmirat HaLashon” Vilna 1879, second edition. Good condition. Signature of ownership on the cover page, “Of the books of Shai Horwitz.” Handwritten gloss. 3. “Chafetz Haim,” Warsaw 1884, with the book “Shmirat HaLashon,” good condition. 4. Set of the Mishneh Brurah, 6 sections. Sections 1-6. Warsaw-Pietrekov, 1901. Similar bindings. Generally good condition. Stains. In total, 10 books of the Chafetz Haim.
Item sold at $260 Starting at $120
LOT: 063

Lot of 7 books of the Chafetz Haim. First and early editions. With “Moga” in the handwriting of the Chafetz Haim.

1. “Likutei Halachot” a summary of issues on Seder Kedoshim with regards to halacha according to the Rambam, with exegeses, Masechet Zevachim, Warsaw 1899—first edition. With “Likutei Halachot” masechet Menuchot, Warsaw 1903. On the page before the cover page is listed “Moga” in the holy handwriting of the Chafetz Haim (pencil). Excellent condition, not bound 2. “Mishnah Brura” section 1, Warsaw 1884. On page 49 there are 2 halachic glosses handwritten. Excellent condition. 3. “Mishnah Brura” sections 2-5, Warsaw-Pietrekov 1904, good condition. In sections 3 and 5 is the stamp of ownership of the Beit Midrash Etz Haim, Ashkenazi, in Amsterdam. Defects in the first pages, excellent condition. 4. “Chesed L’Avraham,” strengthening Torah and religion, belief. By Rav Aharon HaKohen Chatan the Chafetz Haim, Jerusalem 1920, first edition. 60 pages, additional dust jacket. Ok to good condition, pages are loose. In total, 7 volumes from the books of the Chafetz Haim and his son-in-law.
Item sold at $375 Starting at $180
LOT: 064

Lot of 2 important books of Mussar.

1. "Dvar Be'ato," articles of mussar for Friday and Saturday, by Gaon Rabbi Sasson Mordechai of Baghdad, compiler of the book "Kol Sasson," "Tehilla David," and more. First section, Livorno 1862, first edition. Generally good condition, worn. 2. "Midrash Eliyahu," 11 drashot and eulogies with exegesis on the megillat esther. By Rabbi Eliyahu HaKohen of Izmir, known as the "Shevet Mussar," Chernowitz 1860. Second edition, 100 pages (Friedberg 716). Ok to good condition, pages damaged in the margins.
Starting at $100
LOT: 065

"Toldot HaAretz," Warsaw 1841, only edition.

Names of species of animals and their environments, in this book are described the histories and natures of hundreds of animals, as well as their nicknames. By Rav Yosef Dov Sheinhak, Warsaw 1841. Interesting, important book. At the start of the book is a nice endorsement by Gaon the "Katav v'HaKabbala," and additional rabbis. 2 cover pages, an abbreviated and detailed one. 364 pages. 19cm. Excellent condition.
Starting at $100
LOT: 066

"Toldat Pat Lehem" with "Hatan HaMelech," Warsaw 1884. First edition.

Story of the foundational history of nature, written in French by the Sage H. Maseh and copied into Hebrew with additions by Rav Avraham Yaakov Tiktin. 127 pages. Bound with "Hatan HaMelech." Rare and important historical work. Good condition.
Starting at $100
LOT: 067

"Ba'al HaMa'or" with wars of God. Berlin 1759, first edition.

Chiddushei halachot Rav Elfas, by Rabbeinu Zerachya HaLevi, with "Milhamot Hashem" by the Ramban. 88 pages. (Friedberg 1280). Size 35cm. Handwritten signature on the cover page, owned by Yohanan (Meir). Good condition, stains and wear. Old binding.
Item sold at $100 Starting at $100
LOT: 068

"Hever Ma'amarim," first printing of conversations of Rabbeinu Yeruham of Mir—Vilna, end of 1939, printed at the start of the Shoah. Rare.

Conversations of Rabbeinu Maran Yeruham HaLevi, heard by rabbis at the Holy Mir Yeshiva in 1934-1935. Written by one of the students of the yeshiva, Vilna at the end of 1939, printed just before the start of the war. First edition—rare. 450 pages, good condition, pages are loose.
Item sold at $120 Starting at $100
LOT: 069

“Bracha Meshuleshet” first edition

Includes 3 books on Masechet Brachot according to manuscripts, a) tosefet of Rabbi Yehuda Mesir Liyon, b) Tosafot the Ra’ash, c) Grouped method of Mahar Betzalel Ashkenazi. Warsaw 1863, first edition. Endorsements of sages of Israel, the Aroch Lenner, the Sho’el u’Meishiv, the Katav Sofer, the Katav v’HaKabbalah, and more. On the title page is the signature and stamp of HaRav Avraham Abba Frankel. Good condition.
Starting at $100
LOT: 070

“Even Sapir” in 2 sections, first edition.

A journal of the journeys of the Shadar, Rabbi Yaakov Sapir HaLevi of Jerusalem. He left Jerusalem for 4 years and 9 months, and visited all over the world, Egypt, Yemen, East India, Australia, before returning to Jerusalem. Published for the first time in two sections. 1866-1874. With endorsements of sages of Jerusalem, special dedication to the Rav Matityahu Shtarson, the son of the Rashash of Vilna. Good condition, worn binding.
Item sold at $120 Starting at $120
LOT: 071

Lot of 7 different books. Bad to ok condition. The books are designed for supplements.

1. Seder Tikun Hatzot used throughout the Holy Land. Venice, printed by Gad Puah 1794. Defect on the title page and the last pages only 2. Sefer HaZikaron, a long exegesis on Rashi in his commentary on the Torah. By Rav Avraham HaLevi Bakrat, Livorno 1845, only edition. Bad to ok condition. 3. “Tor” on Even HaEzer, with Beit Chadash, Mezivoz 1821, bad to ok condition. 4. “Mayan Ganim,” on the Shulchan Aruch, by Gaon Rabbi Eliezer di Avila. Livorno 1806, first edition, rare book. Most of the pages are in ok condition, the rest awful. 5. “Da’at Zkeinim,” by the Tosafos, first edition, with the book “Efer Yaakov,” with commentary of Rashi by Rabbi Yaakov Nunis Weiss, Livorno 1783, awful condition. 6. “Knafei Yona” by the Rama of Pano, the kavana of prayers and kabbalah according to the writings of the Ari. Karetz 1786. First edition. Very rare. Missing the title page. Very bad to bad condition. 7. “Shoshanat HaAmakim,” exegesis on the Song of Songs by Maharam Alsheech. Offenbach 1717. Very bad to bad condition. Different sizes, the books are designed for supplementing other works.
Starting at $100
LOT: 072

“Khochmat HaYad” Lviv 1849—with drawing of a hand. Rare.

On knowing the history and future of a man from the wrinkles and lines on his hand, according to the Kabbalah and research. 8 pages, at the start of the book is a picture of a hand with lines. Good condition. Binding loose.
Starting at $300
LOT: 073

“Otzer HaMasa’ot,” New York 1927.

Collection of descriptions of journeys taken by Jews in the Land of Israel, Syria, Egypt, and other countires. With list of pilgrims to burial sites of our forefathers and holy people. With maps, notes, and indices. Organized and edited according to the manuscript and appendices of various editions by Yehuda David Eisenstein. New York 1927, cover page in Hebrew and English. All of the book is in Hebrew. Seder HaMasa’ot are between 1165 and 1839, the first is that of Rabbi Benjamin of Tudela and the last are those of Marat Yehudit Montefiore. Good condition, not bound, rare and special book.
Item sold at $100 Starting at $100
LOT: 074

Talmud Bavli in one volume, New York 1913.

Shas Talmud Bavli, written entirely in one volume. Page construction is different, with Rashi's commentary only, no additions. Stereotype printing of one of the Berdichov publications, with special additions for this publication. A very thick tome. Bound with new, handsome leather, with gilded engraving. Nice copy. Tear from folding o nthe cover page.
Item sold at $600 Starting at $230
LOT: 075

"Prakei Moshe," "HaRefuot" of the Rambam, Lemberg 1804, first edition, rare.

25 chapters on medicine translated from Arabic by Rav Natan HaMati. 64 pages (Friedberg 866). On the cover page is an old handwritten signature in Ashkenazi handwriting. Generally good condition, not bound, a little bit of moth damage.
Item sold at $260 Starting at $100