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Auction No. 8 - 18.01.2016

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LOT: 051

10 rare books from the 1600-1700s, first and only editions, missing different parts. Many lists and signatures.

1. “Shlosha Srigim,” exegeses on haftarot through the Pardes. Venice 1706, only edition, missing the first 3 pages and a number of pages at the end, stamp of ownership, generally good condition. 2. “Brachat Shmuel” of Rabbi Aharon Shmuel Kidnover, father of the “Kav HaYashar,” Frankfurt 1682, first edition. Missing only the title page, ok to good condition. Handwritten signatures of ownership and corrections. 3. “Kavod HaBayit and Kavod Hakhamim” on the Shas, Hamburg, 1703, very rare, missing only the title page, the rest is in excellent condition. 4. “HaZichronot,” on things that humans fail in, Prague 1640, extremely rare, HaHida in his “Shem HaGedolim” attributes it to Rav Shmuel Avohav. Before us is page 5-84. Generally good. First edition. 5. “Birkat Avraham,” Venice 1696, only edition. Missing 5 pages in the beginning, filled in with photocopies. Ok to good condition. Signatures. 6. “Orei v’Yishay,” articles of mussar and legends, Berlin 1714, first edition. Missing the title page, good condition, signed “Azriel.” Rare. 7. “Romemut El,” commentary by the Alshich HaKadosh on Tehilim, with the Tehilim, Yasnitz 1721, second edition, rare. Missing the start until page 4 only, until the end in excellent condition. 8. Questions and answers, “Darchei No’am,” Venice 1697, only edition, with “Milhemet Mitzvah” by the son of the compiler, missing the title page, the pamphlet is complete. Many bits of moth damage. 9. “Tzemach David,” by Rav David Ganz, Frankfurt 1692. 6 glosses in sefardi handwriting, missing the beginning, ok condition. 10. “Bigdei Aharon,” drashot on the Torah by Avraham Teumim, Frankfurt 1710, only edition. Signature handwritten by the Gaon HaRav Yosef Zundel of Salant, from midrash Menahem Zion, good condition, signature of the Rav Mordechai segel, dayan in Samnitz 1850 (Otz”har 13955). Missing the title page and the page and the end. In total, 10 books from different years, 1640-1740, rare, different sizes.
Item sold at $500 Starting at $500
LOT: 052

10 rare books from the 16-1700s, first and only editions, missing different bits, many signatures and stamps.

1. Questions and answers “Maharash HaLevi,” Saloniki, 1690, first edition, very rare book. Signatures from: Gaon HaRav Yosef Yisrael Ditch, Av Beit Din of Yarmot, lived 1843-1926 (Otz”har 8890). Signature of the brother of the Rav Moshe Ditch, 1850-1931. Signature of Rav Yitzhak Markovitz, of Atzalta in 1901, student of the Rav Yisrael Ditch. Missing the title page, good condition. 2. “Tirat Kesef,” drashot on the Torah and eulogies by Avraham Gatiniyu, Salonika 1736, only edition, extremely rare, tome, 320 pages. Missing a number of the first pages, added photocopies. Good condition. 3. “Nishmat Adam,” on Kabbalah, Wilharmansdorf, 1732. First edition, missing the title page, ok to good condition. 4. “Knesset HaGedolah,” on the Tor and Beit Yosef Yoreh De’ah, Constantinople, 1711, first edition, copy is complete, including the title page, damage on the title page and 2 last pages, generally ok to good condition. Number of handwritten glosses. 5. “Bayit Chadash,” on Even HaEzer, Frankfurt-am-Mein, 1716, first edition, missing title page and number of lone pages at the end, ok to good condition. 6. “Ma’amar Mordechai,” drashot on the Torah and the Passover Haggadah, Dihernfurth, 1719, first edition, missing title page, added with photocopy. Ok to good condition. 7. Chiddushim of Rabbeinu Aaron HaLevi, the Ra’ah. On masechet ketubot, Prague 1722, first edition, missing the title page (added in photocopy). Good condition. 8. “Tzan Kedoshim,” on seder Kedoshim, Wannsbeck, 1729. First edition, missing the beginning until page 2, generally good condition. Rare. 9. “Yafeh To’ar,” on midrash raba of Genesis, of the Rav Shmuel Yafeh Ashkenazi, Furth, 1692, rare and important book, a thick tome, missing a number of first pages, title page is added in photocopy, ok to good condition. 10. “Brit Avraham,” of Avraham Gedalya on Yalkut Shimoni, Livorno 1658, Numbers, page 361-50, the end is complete, only edition. Ok to good condition. In total, 10 books from the 1640s-1740s, rare, different pages missing, different sizes.
Item sold at $500 Starting at $500
LOT: 053

“Tkafo shel Yosef” with the book “Oz v’Hadar,” Livorno 1856. First edition.

First section, questions and answers on the laws of Choshen Mishpat, by the gaon HaRav Yosef Elmalaich, rabbi of Gibraltar. First edition. Printed together with Oz v’Hadar, chiddushim on the Shas, masechtot Shavuot, avodah zara, and horayot. By the Gaon HaRav Shmuel di Avila, great-grandson and grandson of Rabbi Eliezer HaGadol—Rabbi Eliezer di Avila (Ada). (2) 56, (2) 40 page. Excellent condition. The paper of the inner cover is glued to a section of the last page.
Starting at $100
LOT: 054

Yalkut Shimoni, Frankfurt 1709, two sections. Torah and Neviim, title page is illustrated and handsome. Thick tome.

“Yalkut HaTorah,” also called Shimoni, is a collection of of Sifra, Safrei, Mechilta, Rabot, Tanhuma, Mishnah, Gemara, Agada, and the rest of the midrashim and words of the Tanaim, on Torah, Neviim, Ktuvim, compiled and put together by Rabbeinu Shimon, head of the Darshanim in Frankfurt. Published in two sections, section 1: on the Torah (2) 313 pages. Section 2: On Neviim and Ktuvim, 190 pages. The first section has a very handsome title page, with special engravings with the figures of Moshe and Aaron, at the bottom is an engraving of David and Goliath, and more. 32 cm. 2 volumes bound together in new leather binding, handsome—a tome. A defect was restored on the first title page and on the page after it with damage to the text, restored defects on a number of pages without damage to the text.
Item sold at $400 Starting at $400
LOT: 055

“Yavin Shmuah,” Prague 1814, first edition—rare

Chiddushim and Pilpulim on all of the parshiot of the Torah, by the Gaon Rabbi Elazar Leib, ba’al “Shemen Rokach” and additional books, father of Rabbi Binyamin Zeev Leib, and grandfather of Rabbi Jeremiah Leib. First edition, rare. (4) 93 (1) page. (Winograd 1131). With a large list of signatures. On the title page is the handwritten, sefardi signature of “Nisson Yehuda Frisko.” At the end of the book is a long list of books, handwritten. Generally good condition, on a few lone pages there is moth damage.
Starting at $100
LOT: 056

Gemara, Masechet Brachot, Amsterdam 1752—with signatures.

Talmud Bavli, masechet brachot, Amsterdam edition, printed by the brothers Yosef and Yaakov Propus, sons of the printer Shlomo Propus, with introductions in Dutch from the authorities in Amsterdam. On the title page of the work there are signatures of ownership “It is mine, the young Yosef Moshe, I bought it from the Rav Hama, the young Yosef Shmuel Danon.” From the Sages of Turkey. Generally excellent condition, other than some light defects on the title page; original binding is worn.
Item sold at $150 Starting at $100
LOT: 057

3 volumes of “Hilchot HaReef,” miniature edition, Frankfurt, 1699.

“Rav Elfas” in 3 sections, Hilchot HaReef on Sedarim of Moed, Nashim, and Nezikin. Printed with Rashi’s commentary in a miniature edition—pocket-sized; 11x6.3cm. Thick volumes, Volume 1 is 448 pages, 2 is 338 pages, 3 is 441 pages. In Volume 3 there is an additional folded page upon which is a very nice illustration of eagles with the name of those who brought it to the printing shop. A very rare set, not often found at all. Signature of ownership on the title page, generally good condition, stains and wear and a little bit of moth damage. A few lone pages are loose. 2 really old volumes.
Starting at $1000
LOT: 058

Talmud Bavli, masechet Brachot, Budapest 1942, golden cover page

Gemara, Talmud Bavli, Masechet Brachot, with mishnayot of seder Zra’im (with a separate title page), Budapest edition. The cover page for masechet Brachot is illustrated with engraving and drawings in golden ink. This edition is a photocopy of the Shas of Vilna that was published by the Ram brothers. The year of the printing, 1942, is present on the title page of seder Zra’im only. Generally good condition, the first title page is cut without missing text, there are defects in the margins.
Starting at $100
LOT: 059

2 books from the “Ashlich HaKodesh,” –“Rav Pninim,” and “Khelkat Mekhukak,” Yasnitz, 1722.

“Rav Pninim,” an exegesis on Sefer Mishlei by Solomon, and the book “Khelkat Mekhukak,” an exegesis on the book of Job, by the Gaon HaRav Moshe Alshich, the Holy Alshich. The text of the works under discussion is in the middle, the commentary is on either side. 2 books bound together, 78, 42 pages. Second edition (Winograd Yasnitz 16, 20). Commentaries by the Holy Alshich have long been standard texts for commentary on the Torah. 2 books in excellent condition, with 2 title pages nicely engraved, with a number of fine engravings on the introductory pages and opening words of the texts, an especially fine copy. Signature of ownership in old, Ashkenazi handwriting. Bound into a new binding, the first portion is loose from the spine.
Starting at $250
LOT: 060

“Ben Yemini,” Vienna 1824. Only edition, rare.

“Ben Yemini,” exegesis on the commentary of the Even Ezra on the Torah, with solutions to his riddles. By HaRav Binyamin Zeev Wolf from Prerov. As is well-nown, the writings of Reb Avraham Even Ezra in his commentaries on the Torah are very deep, over generations many books were printed to explain his commentaries. At the start of the book were printed endorsements by many rabbis, including: HaRav Baruch Frankel Te’umim, the Baruch Ta’am, who writes: “he discovered his compass in the truth of truths…” Also an approbation by HaRav Mordechai Bennett. At the end of the endorsements the Gaon Hatam Sofer also writes. 186 (3) page. Size 19cm. Only edition. Excellent condition, defect in the margins of the title page. Opposite the title page is a signature of ownership in Ashkenazi handwriting from 1824, “Yosef Tzvi.”
Item sold at $120 Starting at $120
LOT: 061

Be’or HaHayyim, drashot on the Torah by the Kabbalist Rabbi Hayyim Kafusi, nicknamed the “Ba’al HaNess.” Jerusalem, 1929, rare.

Drashot on the Torah, first published from his manuscripts by the Gaon Rabbi Avraham Yaakov Entebbe, and brought to the printers by Rabbi David Laniado. With endorsements of the rabbis of Egypt. At the end of the book is a pamphlet, “Imrei Yaakov,” by HaRav Entebbe, with a drasha in honor of the minister Moshe Montefiori. First edition of the book, that was put together by hand, hidden from sight until it was discovered by HaRav Entebbe. The Gaon HaChassid and Kabbalist Rabbeinu Haim Kafusi, one of the great thinkers and sages of Egypt 400 years ago, a student of the Ariza”l in the hidden wisdom, was a dayan in Egypt during the Radbaz. HaHida tells of him in his book Shem HaGedolim. Excellent condition.
Starting at $120
LOT: 062

12 books by the Gaon HaRav Yosef Angel, first editions—signature of the Rav Menahem Mendel Morgenstern from Prague.

1. “Beit HaOtzar,” first section, Pietrokov 1903, first edition, on the title page of the book is the handwritten signature and stamp of Menahem Mendel Morgenstern of Prague. 2. “Ben Porat,” second section, questions and answers on halacha, Krakow 1913, first edition. 3. “Otzarot Yosef,” Ma’amar Lavan, Ma’amar David, Vienna 1928. First edition. 4. “Otzarot Yosef, section 1, including an answer regarding an agunah from one of those fallen in the war, Vienna 1921, first edition (2 copies). 5. “Otzarot Yosef,” the seventh, Vienna 1928, first edition. 6. “Gliyonei HaShas,” glosses on seder Zra’im in the Bavli and Yerushalmi, Vienna, 1924, first edition (4 identical copies). 7. “Otzarot Yosef,” chiddushim on Yoreh De’ah, Warsaw 1929. First edition. 8. “Tzionim L’Torah,” Pietrokov 1914. First edition, stamp of the Rav Menahem Mendel Morgenstern of Prague. In total, 12 books by the Gaon HaGadol HaRav Yosef Angel, first editions. Different sizes, different qualities, ranging from ok to good. Defects, pages loose. Dry pages.
Item sold at $150 Starting at $150
LOT: 063

“Ben Ish Chai,” Halachot, Baghdad, 1912—rare edition.

Halachot of the year, 1 and 2, by the Rav Yosef Haim. Printed by Yehoshua Shlomo Bechor, second edition. The important halakhic book of the Ben Ish Chai, printed first in Jerusalem in 1898, quickly all of the books printed in this edition were sold from the thirst of the nation for the glosses of the Rav Ben Ish Chai. This edition was printed 3 years after the death of the compiler, by Rav Ezra Mordechai David, with the permission of the compiler’s son, Rabbeinu Yaakov. Generally ok to good condition, stains from use and wear, pages loose, original binding is worn and loose. Signature of ownership on the cover of David Idan, of Tunis.
Item sold at $150 Starting at $150
LOT: 064

Set of 2 important books—only editions

1. “Ail HaMlo’im,” chiddushim on the Torah and drashot on Song of Solomon, by HaRav Aryeh Leib Kara, known as Reb Leib Harif, with the book “Avnei Tzedek” from his grandson, Harav Yitzhak Zelig Kara. Kratashin 1845. Only edition. On the page after the title page is printed “Sefer HaYechus from the Kara family.” 2. Sefer “Avnei Shoham,” 70 general principles on the Shas, by the Gaon HARav Moshe Knubel, Ungvar 1865, only edition, rare. 75 pages. With endorsements by the Maharam Ash. 2 books in good condition. There are stamps of ownership.
Item sold at $120 Starting at $120
LOT: 065

Set of 2 Books: Brit Avraham and Avodat Kodesh

1. "Brit Avraham," articles of mussar by HaRav Avraham bar Shabtai Horvitz "Avi HaShla," Lviv, start of the 1840s. Generally good condition, not bound, wear and defects on pages 2. "Avodat Kodesh," by HaRav Hida, including "Moreh B'Etzba" and "Tzipora Shamir," amulets, warnings, and segulot, 2 pages at the end are defective, binding missing.
Item sold at $120 Starting at $120
LOT: 066

“Shirei Tiferet” Prague 1829

Sixth section, poems phrased in wisdom on three issues: War against Amalek, Biyat Yitro, and the desert and the receipt of the torah by Israel. By the sage HaRav Naftali Hertz Wiesel. First edution. The book’s other sections were printed by the compiler in earlier years. 82 page (Friedberg 1257). Excellent condition, old binding.
Starting at $100
LOT: 067

“Kinat Starim” by HaRav Avraham Galanti, Przemyśl 1911.

Kinot for Tisha B’av with Rashi’s commentary and “Kol Bochim” on Eicha. Generally good condition, dry paper.
Starting at $100
LOT: 068

Set of two books on dress “Ateret Zahav,” “HaBotz v’Argaman” Berdichov 1825. Printed by Yisrael Bak

Set of two books bound together: “Ateret Zahav” on the halachot Yoreh De’ah, and “HaBotz v’Argaman” on halachot Even HaEzer. With the known symbol of Bak’s printing that was brought afterwards to Tzfat and Jerusalem. 2 title pages with red ink. Original leather binding. 188, 82 page. Size 31cm. Some of the pages are blue, on the page before the title page is a list of ownership in Ashkenazi handwriting from the time. Previous binding and a number of pages are loose. Generally good condition. Stains.
Item sold at $120 Starting at $120
LOT: 069

Set of 3 important books, 2 from Jerusalem.

1. “Kiryat Shemah on the Bed” according to the Ari, Jerusalem 1930 printed by Haim Zuckerman, the son of the printer HaRav Shmuel HaLevi Zuckerman. 22 page. Bound in old leather binding with the book “Kitzur Shulchan Aruch” by HaRav Shlomo Grentzfried, Lemberg edition, 1884, with corrections and additions in the name “Mechase L’Ohel” by HaRav Avraham Nisan Zis Segel, with the endorsement of the compiler for the above commentary. On the title page of the book is a list and signature in Yemenite handwriting. 2. “Shbachot La’El,” foundational poems from the elders of Israel from previous years that were traditionally said in every urban region of Georgia. Jerusalem 1897, with endorsement of the Rishon LeZiyyon, 14 page, ok condition, defects with damage to the text.
Item sold at $160 Starting at $100
LOT: 070

Set of 3 books: “HaMevakesh,” “Tzav’at Ribash” and “Darchei Tzedek”

3 books bound together: 1. “HaMevakesh” by HaRav Shem Tov ben Palkira, on mussar and different legal issues, ways to argue, and riddles, published by HaRav Mordechai Tama with the help of HaRav Binyamin Ma’ali HaCohen and the printer HaRav Leib Zusmansh. Hague [next to Amsterdam] 1778. Second edition, rare. 2. “Tzav’at Ribash and Hanhagot Yesharot” under the name of the Ba’al Shem Tov and HaRav Yeshaya of Yanov, with the Maggid of Maastricht. Lviv 1864. 3. “Darchei Tzedek” with “Derech Emet,” by Rabbi Elimelech of Luzhansk, and HaRav Zecharya Menahem Mendel Horowitz of Liska, Lviv 1864. 3 books bound together, excellent condition, defective binding.
Starting at $100
LOT: 071

2 books of the Gra and his family

1. Siddur HaGra—Direct: Ma’aseh Rav and Likutei Dinim of the Gra; Hidden: Handwritten siddur and collected sayings of the Gra. Exegeses. By Harav Naftali Hertz HaLevi of Yafo. Jerusalem 1895, 2 title pages, good condition. 2. Psalms, with commentary from the Gaon HaRav Avraham ben HaGra of Vilna, within it are some mizmorim and a number of verses from the commentaries of his father, the Gra. Warsaw 1887. Excellent condition.
Item sold at $100 Starting at $100
LOT: 072

“Etz Pri,” first edition, from the Gaon Rav Yisrael Salanter with “Igeret HaMussar,” rare.

Article on the issue of strengthening the study of Torah, by the founder of the Mussar movement, HaGaon Rav Yisrael of Salant, at the end is the book “Igeret HaMussar.” With the book “Etz Pri,” (separate title page) from Gaon HaRav Yitzhak Elhanan of Kavna on the same issue. Vilna 1881. First edition, foundational and important book, also rare. 15, 20 page. Not bound. Excellent condition.
Item sold at $120 Starting at $120
LOT: 073

7 books from Jerusalem printers. Of which 3 are books of Kabbalah, and the book “Petuchai Khotem”

1. “Shiur Koma” Kabbalah, Jerusalem 1934, excellent condition, not bound. 2. “Hilula d’Rashbi,” with “Shir Bar Yochai” huge commentary on the poem of the Kabbalist HaRav Asher Zelig Margaliot, Jerusalem 1942, first edition, good condition. 3. Sefer “Petuchai Khotem,” of Rabbi Yaakov Abuhatzira, the Abir Yaakov, Jerusalem 1885. First edition, missing the title page and damage to the first page. 4. “Shmo Yosef,” of Rav Yosef ben Wallid, son of the Vayomer Yitzhak. Questions and answers and chiddushim on the Shas. Jerusalem 1907, first edition, good condition, original binding is defective. 5. “Tikunei HaZohar,” 70 corrections that the Rashbi discovered, Jerusalem, 1909. Good condition. 6. The pamphlet “Psakei HaSiddur,” Jerusalem 1937, with picture of the Ba’al HaTanya; missing 2 pages at the end. 7. Sefer “HaChayyim” Jerusalem 1939. Different sizes, important set.
Item sold at $100 Starting at $100
LOT: 074

“Toldot Adam v’Chava” Kopust 1808—endorsements of the Kedushat Levi and Rabbi Haim of Volozhin.

In two sections, on psakei halacha and traditions regarding man, with the book “Meisharim” on civil war in 32 directions from Rabbeinu Yerucham of Provintza. 2 title pages. Opposite the first title page is the endorsement of Admorim, amongst which are the Kedushat Levi, Rav Levi Yitzhak of Berdichov, Reb Haim of Volozhin ba’al “Nefesh HaChayyim” and more. Third edition and rare (first edition was printed in 1516, the second in 1553). 6, 238, 120, 6 page—thick tome, some of the pages are blue. Signatures and lists of the Yeshivat Knesset Yisrael of Slobodka. Generally good condition, defects (without damage to the text) with professional restoration, new, handsome binding.
Starting at $250
LOT: 075

2 books on the minister Moshe Montefiore

1. “Agra d’Haspada” by HaRav Avraham Avlei HaCohen, eulogies on the important minister Moshe Montefiore, Munkatch 1886, first edition, endorsement of HaRav Yitzhak of Melkis, Av Beit Din of Parmishla, generally good condition, not bound, damage to the introductory page. 2. “Moshe and Jerusalem,” in which Moshe Montefiore tells the story of his journey and settlement in Israel—the Holy Land—for forty days, until the day of his return, during his seventh trip to Israel. He wrote it in English, and it was then translated into Hebrew. Also the history of his life, and a letter on a postcard from the rabbis of Jerusalem to the minister. Warsaw 1879. 3. Bound with the books “Ma’asiyot MiTzdiki Yesod Olam” Krakow 1903, with the book “Belief and Scholarship,” Warsaw 1885, good condition.
Item sold at $150 Starting at $150